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If your broker has questions on applying for the exemption, they can visit http: These instructions include country-by-country filing requirements as well as instructions of w9 stock options situations, such as trusts or partnerships. This page is intended to give stock options w9 direction to holders who have had Irish Dividend Withholding Tax DWT applied to their account and are looking for information on claiming a tax refund or tax credits.

Investors should not view this detail as a substitute for a knowledgeable tax advisor and we advise that you seek their guidance in these often complex tax situations. You will still need to submit one w9 stock options these forms to Broadridge:. Irish Dividend Withholding Tax.

Ww9 that your broker has your Form W-9 on file. Confirm with your broker that they can certify you have a valid US address with a Form W BoxIncome tax employee stock options, NYwithin 24 hours of contacting your broker. If your broker has questions on applying for the exemption, they can visit www. Continue xtock hold your Shares in Direct Registry at Broadridge.

You should w9 stock options initiated your Stock options w9 eCerts registration in to ensure your DWT w9 stock options application was underway before the grace optios expired on January 1, Eaton values all shareholders and hopes you remain a shareholder. However, we understand that, after reviewing each alternative and evaluating its viability in the context of your overall investment strategy, you might decide this alternative is right for you.

You should consult your tax advisor regarding the tax consequences of selling your shares. Description Transfer your shares sfock Broadridge to a broker. Complete beneficial ownership form regarding the transfer of shares and send to Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions, PO BoxBrentwood, NYwithin indian stock trading strategies hours of contacting your broker.

To ensure your Irish DWT exemption, initiate your GlobeTax registration as soon as possible, at least 45 days prior to the dividend record date. To ensure continuation of the exempt status you may already have in place, we recommend that this transfer occur in Ensure that your broker has your we trade options book Form V2 on file.

Confirm with your options w9 stock that they will file the Irish DWT exemption.

You should have initiated your GlobeTax registration in to ensure your DWT exemption application was underway before the grace period expired on January 1, The only remaining option to avoid DWT may be to sell your shares. I am w9 stock options United States Tax Resident. It is common for refunds filed directly to the Irish Revenue Commissioners to take months to pay.

If you wish to use GlobeTax, contact them at eCertsEaton globetax. Refunds through GlobeTax are often w9 stock options in half the time as filing directly. Submit to Irish Revenue the following forms using tracking mail e. These laws and regulations place restrictions on stocck operations, trade practices, partners and investment decisions. In particular, our operations are subject to U.

The FCPA prohibits us from providing anything of value to foreign officials for the purposes of obtaining or retaining business or securing any improper optioons advantage. It etock requires us to keep books and records that accurately and fairly reflect our transactions. As part of our business, we may deal with state-owned business enterprises, the employees of stpck are considered foreign officials for purposes of the FCPA. Options w9 stock provisions stoxk the Bribery Act extend beyond bribery of fastest economic calendar forex public officials and also apply to transactions with individuals not employed by a government.

The provisions of indian stock trading strategies Bribery Act are also w9 stock options onerous than the FCPA in a number of other respects, including jurisdiction, non-exemption of facilitation payments and penalties.

Some stock options w9 the international locations in which we operate lack a developed legal system and have higher than normal levels of corruption. Super woodies cci trading system sanctions programs restrict our business dealings with certain sanctioned countries, persons and entities. In addition, because we act through dealers and sock, we w9 stock options the risk that our dealers and distributors and customers might further distribute our products to a sanctioned person or entity, or super woodies cci trading system ultimate end-user in a sanctioned country, which might subject us to an aa option binary review concerning compliance with OFAC or other sanctions regulations.

Violations of anti-corruption and trade control laws and sanctions regulations are punishable by civil expert option trading download, including fines, denial of stok privileges, injunctions, asset seizures, debarment from government contracts and revocations or restrictions of licenses, as well as criminal fines and imprisonment.

We have established policies and procedures designed to assist our compliance with applicable U. However, there can be no assurance that all of our employees, consultants, agents optkons other associated persons will w9 stock options take actions in violation of our policies and these laws and regulations, and that our policies and procedures will effectively prevent us from violating these regulations in w9 stock options transaction in w9 stock options we may engage or provide a defense to any alleged violation.

In particular, we may be held liable for the actions that our local, strategic or joint venture partners take inside or outside of the United States, even though our partners may not be subject to these laws.

Such a violation, even if our policies prohibit it, could materially and adversely affect our reputation, business, results of operations and financial condition. Our continued international expansion, including in developing countries, and our development of new partnerships and joint venture relationships worldwide, could increase the risk of FCPA, OFAC or Bribery Act violations in the future.

W9 stock options of Contents Operating in emerging markets subjects us to greater political, economic and market risks than those we would face if we only operated in more developed markets, optipns could increase our operating costs. Emerging markets, including Africa, eastern Europe, the Middle East and South America, are subject to greater risks than more developed markets.

Options w9 stock political, economic and market conditions in many emerging markets present risks that could make it more difficult to operate our business successfully. Laws and regulations relating to the Internet and data privacy in the markets in optipns we operate are complex and continuously evolving, and compliance costs are high. As these laws and regulations w9 stock options to evolve, we may be required to increase our compliance-related expenditures or limit the manner in which collect information, the types of information that we collect, or the solutions we offer, which may impede our ability to provide our solutions or reduce our profit margins in specific geographic regions.

Various laws and regulations associated with the Internet and data privacy are complex and increase our cost of doing business. Furthermore, these laws and regulations expose us to fines and penalties w9 stock options we fail to comply with them as well as costs associated with privacy compliance audits.

Options w9 stock have not completed a legal review to determine our compliance with data privacy and data security laws. We are conducting a data privacy and data security w9 stock options review in our major markets.

There can be no assurance options w9 stock the policies and procedures we implement as a result of this review will be sufficient to prevent a regulatory agency or private party from asserting w9 stock options claim based on data privacy or security laws or regulations. Furthermore, there can be no assurance that our employees, contractors and agents will not take actions in violation of the policies we have established or may establish in the future regarding data privacy and data security, particularly as we expand our operations through organic growth and acquisitions.

Any violations could subject us to civil or criminal penalties, including substantial fines or prohibitions on our ability to offer our products in t1135 unexercised stock options or more w9 stock options, and could also materially damage our reputation, our brand, our international expansion efforts, our business, results of operations and financial condition.

Table of Contents Additionally, as cloud computing continues to evolve, increased regulation by federal, state or foreign agencies becomes more likely, particularly in the areas of data privacy and data security. In addition, taxation of services provided over the Internet or other charges imposed by government agencies or by private organizations for accessing the Internet may be imposed. Any regulation imposing greater fees for Internet use or restricting information exchange over the Internet could result in a decline in the use of the Internet and the viability of Internet-based services, which could harm our business.

Our solutions and products enable us to collect, manage and store a wide range of data related to fleet management such as mobile asset location and fuel usage, speed and mileage.

We obtain our data from a variety of sources, including our customers and third-party providers. The United States and various state governments have adopted or proposed stock options w9 ootions the collection, distribution and use of personal information, as well as requirements that must be followed if a breach of such personal information occurs. The European Union and the United Kingdom stock options w9 adopted legislation including directives, national laws and regulations that increase or change the requirements governing data collection, use, storage and disclosure of personal information in these jurisdictions.

Currently, South Africa has w9 stock options legislation that would require w9 stock options to adhere to certain privacy measures, including with respect to customer confidential information. We are also subject to privacy and stock options w9 security measures in other countries where we operate.

We may also be subject to costly notification and remediation requirements if we or a third party determines that we have been the subject of a data breach involving personal information of individuals. Data breach w9 stock options regulations vary among the countries where q9 conduct business, and also vary among the states of the United States, and any breach of personal information could be subject to any number of these requirements.

We w9 stock options sought to implement international best practices regarding data privacy and data security. Binary option emails updated our website privacy policy in and we are currently in the process of becoming ISO certified.

If our privacy or data security measures fail to comply, or are perceived to fail to comply, with current or future laws and regulations, we may be subject to litigation, regulatory investigations or other liabilities. We might also have to limit the manner in which collect information, the types of information that we collect, or the solutions we offer.

Any of these would materially and adversely affect our business, results of operations and financial. A governmental challenge to our transfer pricing policies could impose significant costs on indian stock trading strategies. Transfer pricing policies are a significant component of the management options w9 stock our operations across international boundaries.

Many indian stock trading strategies routinely examine transfer pricing otions of taxpayers subject to their jurisdiction, challenge transfer pricing policies aggressively where there is potential noncompliance and impose significant interest charges and penalties where noncompliance is determined.

Although the documentation super woodies cci trading system and support for our transfer pricing policies have not been the subject of a governmental xtock beyond examination to date, there can be no assurance that a governmental authority will not challenge these policies more w9 stock options in the future or, if challenged, that we will prevail.

We could suffer significant costs related to one or more challenges to our transfer pricing.

Table of Contents Reduction in regulation in certain markets may adversely impact demand for certain of our solutions by reducing the necessity for or desirability of our solutions. W9 stock options compliance and reporting stokc driven by legislation and requirements, which are stock options w9 subject to change, from regulatory authorities in nearly every jurisdiction globally. For example, in the United States, fleet operators can face numerous complex regulatory requirements, including mandatory Compliance, Safety and Accountability driver safety scoring, hours shock service, compliance and optoins tax stofk.

The reduction in regulation in options w9 stock markets may adversely impact demand for certain of our solutions, which could materially and adversely affect our business, financial condition and results of operations. A breach of options w9 stock of the covenants or other provisions contained in our credit w9 stock options could result in an options futures trading game of default, which could result w9 stock options amounts outstanding under our credit facilities becoming immediately due and payable as well as foreclosure by our lenders upon our critical assets.

Our obligations under our credit facility with Standard Bank Limited are secured by a pledge of accounts receivable by us and one of sfock significant subsidiaries, and our obligations w9 stock options our credit agreement with Investec Bank Limited are secured by a lien on the customer contracts of one of our significant subsidiaries and a pledge of the shares of another of our subsidiaries.

A breach of any of these covenants or other provisions of our credit facilities could result in an event of default, which if not cured or waived, could result in amounts outstanding forex trading books in telugu our credit facilities becoming immediately due and payable.

In the event that some stock options w9 all of the amounts outstanding under our credit facilities are accelerated and become immediately due optinos payable, we may not have the funds to repay, or the ability to refinance, such outstanding amounts under our credit facilities, or our lenders could foreclose upon critical assets, which could materially and adversely affect our business, results of operations and financial condition.

Healthcare services are available to our employees through a variety of plans in different jurisdictions. W9 stock options is a risk that the cost of providing such services could increase in the future depending on changes stocj the nature of underlying legislation and the profile of our employees, particularly in South Africa.

It is possible that future healthcare reform initiatives could significantly increase our employee healthcare-related costs. These increased costs, should they transpire, are currently indeterminate. We have embarked on a number of interventions focused on improving the quality of life of our work force, however, there can be no guarantee that such stlck will not be adversely affected by increased costs. We have not traditionally relied on patents to protect our intellectual property, and we rely on trade secret laws, kas ir forex w9 stock options, confidentiality procedures and contractual restrictions to establish and protect our intellectual property rights, which provide only limited protection and may subject us to litigation.

Our future success and competitive position depend in part on our ability to opfions our intellectual property and proprietary technologies. We rely primarily on trade secret laws, confidentiality agreements, confidentiality procedures and contractual restrictions to establish stoci protect our intellectual property rights, all of which provide only limited protection and may not currently w9 stock options in the future optios us with a competitive advantage.

Our confidentiality agreements with our employees, licensees, independent contractors and other advisors may not effectively prevent disclosure of confidential information and may not 9w an adequate remedy in the event of unauthorized disclosure of confidential iptions In addition, others may independently discover our trade secrets or develop similar technologies and processes, and, in either event we would not be able to assert trade secret rights.

We also rely to a limited extent on patent, trademark and copyright law. While there are patent binary options quit my job covering certain aspects of our Beam-e product pending in South Africa and Brazil, and we have an additional patent application pending in South Africa covering a method for driver verification, we have traditionally not sought patent protection over our intellectual property.

As a result, we may not be able options w9 stock successfully defend our intellectual property from third-party infringement. We cannot assure you that any future trademark registrations will be issued for pending or future applications, or that any registered trademarks will be enforceable or provide adequate protection of our proprietary rights, or that any such trademarks will not be challenged, invalidated, or circumvented.

Stoc patent, stock options w9, copyright, and trade secret protection may not be available in every country in which our solutions are available forex valuta avgift where we have employees or independent contractors. In addition, the legal w9 stock options relating to the validity, enforceability, and scope of protection of intellectual property rights in Internet-related industries are uncertain and still evolving.

The steps we have taken and will take may optiona prevent unauthorized use, reverse engineering, or misappropriation of our technologies and we may not be able to detect any of the foregoing. Any of the foregoing events could materially and adversely affect our business, results of operations and w9 stock options condition.

An assertion by a third options w9 stock that we are infringing its intellectual property could subject us to stcok and time-consuming litigation or expensive licenses. The fleet management, mobile asset management w9 stock options technology industries are characterized by the existence of a large number of patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade stock options transfer pricing and by frequent litigation based on allegations of infringement or other violations of intellectual property optionns.

Much of this litigation involves patent holding companies or other adverse patent owners who have no relevant product revenues of their own, and against whom our stockk limited patent portfolio may provide little or no deterrence.

Options w9 stock have optons subject to such claims in the past and may be in the future. We have not conducted comprehensive prior art searches binary option emails determine whether our solutions infringe the patent rights of third parties in our current markets or those we may enter in the.

Table of Contents future. Third parties may assert that we are infringing patents of which we are currently unaware and that would be disclosed by prior art searches. Our status as a newly public company in the United States will raise oltions visibility and may invite holders of patents who have not previously opfions to enforce them against us to bring or threaten claims for infringement or seek to negotiate royalty or other payments from us.

The fact that we have relatively few patents associated with our intellectual property means that we may not be able to successfully w9 stock options our intellectual property from third-party infringement. We cannot assure you that we will prevail in any future intellectual property infringement stock options w9 given the complex technical issues and inherent w9 stock options in such litigation.

Defending such claims, regardless of their merit, could be time-consuming and distracting to management, result in costly litigation or settlement, cause development delays, or require us to enter into royalty or licensing agreements. If our solutions violate any third-party intellectual property rights, we could be required indian stock trading strategies withdraw those solutions from the market, re-develop those solutions or seek to obtain licenses from third parties, which might not be available on reasonable terms or at all.

Any efforts to redevelop options w9 stock solutions, obtain licenses from indian stock trading strategies parties on favorable terms or license a substitute technology might not be successful and, in any case, might substantially increase our costs and harm w9 stock options business, financial condition and operating results.

Withdrawal of any of our solutions from the market could harm our business, financial condition and operating results. Our software may contain undetected defects or software errors, which could result in damage to our reputation or market rejection of our products.

Journal Understanding Tax Implications of Foreign Stocks

We must w9 stock options our solutions quickly to optionss pace with the rapidly changing market including stock options w9 third-party software forex trading textbook devices with which our solutions integrate, and we have a history of frequently introducing new versions.

Our solutions could contain undetected errors or defects, especially when first introduced or when new versions are released. Our software may not be free from errors or defects, which could result in damage to our reputation or harm to our ztock results.

We warrant that our hardware will be free of defects for various periods of time. The operation of binary options broker in india hardware is controlled by the w9 stock options loaded on the hardware. If the firmware does not function as expected and it prevents the uploading of options w9 stock firmware, then the problem could not be corrected by an the over-the-air update and would require direct servicing of the installed on-board computer by trained personnel, which imposes a very optikns cost on us.

Variations among communications protocols in the markets in which we operate enhance the risk of error in the remote installation of firmware.

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Although we attempt forexpros spain 35 components manage this risk by introducing firmware updates in stages so that the success of deployment to a small number of in-vehicle devices can be assessed before the installment risk is expanded to a larger customer base, there can be no assurance that we will be successful in detecting firmware operation and integration problems or otherwise in managing our exposure to remediation expense related to the deployment of firmware updates.

No such incidents have occurred to options w9 stock but there can be no assurance that they will not occur in the future. For example, a third party could attempt to stoc, software modifications providing w location data and functionality or the deletion tsock data. Moreover, such incidents could expose optionss stock options w9 claims by our customers under various theories of liability, the outcome of which would be w9 stock options. Any significant disruption in service on, or security breaches of, our stock options w9 or computer systems could compromise w9 stock options information, damage our reputation and result in a loss of customers.

Our customers rely on our solutions to make operating decisions related to their fleet, optiions well as to measure, store and analyze valuable data regarding their businesses.

Prolonged delays or unforeseen difficulties in connection with adding capacity or upgrading our network architecture may cause our service quality to suffer. Any optionns that significantly disrupts options w9 stock service or exposes our w9 stock options to misuse could damage our reputation and harm our business and operating results, including causing us to issue credits to customers, subjecting us to potential liability, stocl our customer retention rates, or increasing our cost of acquiring new customers, any of investir em forex no brasil would have the effect of reducing our revenue and could materially and adversely affect super woodies cci trading system business, stock options w9 of operations and financial condition.

Any breach of our data or system security could result in our customer data being accessed, publicly disclosed, lost or stolen, our business and operations being interrupted, a loss of confidence in our products and services and other negative consequences such as civil liability, including under laws that protect the privacy of personal information, and regulatory penalties, any optionx all of which could materially and adversely affect our business, financial condition and results of operations.

In addition, we store data, host our solutions and serve all of our customers from our network servers, which are located at third-party data center facilities in Amsterdam, Cape Town, Johannesburg, London and Miami. While we control and have access to our servers and all w the components of our sgock that are located in our external data centers, we do not control the. Table of Contents operation of these facilities. Problems faced by our third-party data center locations, with the optioons network stofk with whom we or they contract, or with the systems by which our telecommunications providers allocate capacity among their customers, including us, optios adversely affect the experience of our customers.

Third-party operators of our data center could decide to close their facilities without adequate notice. In addition, any financial difficulties, such as bankruptcy, faced by our secure third-party data center operators or optios of the service providers with whom we or they contract may have negative effects on our business, the nature and extent of which are difficult to o;tions.

Certain of our customer agreements currently, and may in the future, provide minimum service level commitments regarding items such as uptime, functionality or performance. If we are unable to meet the stated service level commitments for these w9 stock options or suffer sotck periods of service unavailability, we are or may be contractually obligated to provide these customers with credits for super woodies cci trading system subscriptions, provide services at no cost or pay other penalties, which could adversely impact our revenue.

Additionally, if our data centers are unable to stocm up with our growing needs for capacity, this could have an adverse effect on our options w9 stock. Our disaster recovery systems are located at our third-party hosting facilities.

We use w9 stock options redundant architecture and are increasing capacity. However, our systems have not been tested under actual disaster conditions and may opgions have sufficient capacity to recover all data and services in the event of an outage.

In the event of a disaster in which our disaster recovery systems are irreparably damaged or destroyed, we would experience interruptions in access to our services. Any changes in third-party service levels at our w9 stock options centers or any errors, defects, disruptions, or other performance problems with our solutions could harm our reputation and may damage our data. Interruptions in our services could materially and oltions affect our stofk, results of operations and financial condition, cause us to issue refunds to customers, subject us to potential liability, or adversely affect our subscriber retention rates.

Our solutions rely on third-party software and any inability to license such software from third-parties could render our solutions inoperable. We rely on software and other intellectual property licensed from third w9 stock options, including mapping software and data from MapIt how does options trading work in india Google, to develop and provide solutions to our customers.

In addition, we may need to obtain future licenses from third parties to use software stkck other intellectual property associated with our solutions. We cannot assure you that these licenses will be available to us on acceptable terms, without significant price increases or at all. Any loss of the right or inability to obtain the right to use any such software or other intellectual property required for the development and maintenance of our solutions could result in interruptions in the provision of our solutions until equivalent technology is either developed by us, or, if available from others, is identified, obtained, and w9 stock options, which could harm our business.

In addition, we incorporate open wtock software into our platform. The terms of many open source licenses to which we are subject have not been interpreted by U.

In that event, we could be required e9 seek licenses from third parties in order to continue offering our solutions, to re-develop our solutions, to discontinue sales binary option eur usd our solutions, or to release our proprietary software source code under the terms of an open source license, any of which could adversely affect our business.

Table of Contents We depend on third-party technology, including cellular and GPS networks, and any disruption, failure or increase in costs w9 stock options impede the functionality of our solutions. Two critical links in our current solutions are between in-vehicle devices and GPS satellites and between in-vehicle devices and cellular networks, which allow us to obtain location data and transmit it to w9 stock options system.

Increases in the fees charged by cellular carriers for data transmission or changes in the cellular stocm, such as a cellular carrier discontinuing support of the network currently used by our in-vehicle devices, requiring retrofitting of our in-vehicle devices, could increase our costs and impact our profitability. We have initiated activities to migrate new installations super woodies cci trading system the next generation of cellular network compatibility in order to maximize expected useful life of our in-vehicle devices.

However, cellular carriers could in the future discontinue support for our currently utilized cellular technologies.

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GPS is a satellite-based navigation and positioning system consisting of a forex vs futures trading of orbiting satellites. These satellites and their sock support systems are complex electronic systems subject to electronic and mechanical failures and possible sabotage and it is not certain that optionw W9 stock options. In addition, technologies that rely on GPS depend on the use of radio frequency bands and any modification of the permitted uses indian stock trading strategies these bands may adversely affect the functionality of GPS and, in turn, our solutions.

The satellites w9 stock options their ground control and monitoring stations are maintained and operated by the U. Department of Defense, which does not currently charge users for access to the satellite signals, but we cannot assure you that it will not do so in the future.

Our solutions integrate with indian stock trading strategies technologies and if our solutions become incompatible with these technologies, our solutions would lose functionality and our customer acquisition and retention could be adversely affected. Our solutions integrate with third-party software and devices to allow our solutions to perform key functions. Although sfock date this integration has been accomplished using open software interfaces and simple physical linkages, we cannot guarantee that this ease of integration will continue or that we will be able to integrate with other products at all or without additional cost.

Additionally, errors, viruses or bugs may also be present in third-party software that our customers use in conjunction with our solutions. Changes to third-party software that our customers use in conjunction with our solutions could also render our solutions inoperable. Customers may conclude that our software is the cause of these errors, bugs or viruses and terminate their subscriptions.

w9 stock options

The inability to easily integrate with, or any defects in, any third-party software could result in increased costs, or in delays in software releases or updates to our products until such w9 stock options have been resolved, which could damage our reputation and materially and adversely affect our business, results of operations and financial condition.

Risks Relating to South Africa. Fluctuations in the value of the South African rand have had, and will continue to have, a significant impact on our results of operations, which may make it difficult to evaluate our business performance between reporting periods and may also adversely affect the price of the ADSs.

The Stock options w9 African rand is the primary operating and financial reporting currency for our business operations. Depreciation in the South African rand may negatively stock options ifrs the prices at.

Table of Contents which the ADSs trade. We provide detailed information about historical U. Due to the significant fluctuation in the value of the South African rand and its impact on our results, you may find it difficult to compare our results of operations between financial reporting periods.

We also operate w9 stock options and are exposed stock options w9 foreign exchange risk arising from various currency exposure, primarily with respect to the U. These exposures may change over time as business practices evolve and could have a material adverse impact on our financial results and cash flows. Fluctuation in currency exchange rates impacts our operating results.

We have implemented a foreign currency hedging policy to reduce our net exposure to fluctuations pannelli forex vendita roma foreign currencies which is primarily based on economic hedging principles, as opposed to using derivative financial instruments, to protect against fluctuation in cash flow. We do not attempt to hedge currency translation risk.

Our future attempts to hedge w9 stock options foreign currency risk could be unsuccessful and expose us to losses. If we do not achieve applicable black economic empowerment objectives in options w9 stock South African businesses, we risk early termination of two of our contracts which service South African quasi-governmental customers and the loss of the corresponding revenue.

This scorecard is in the process of being revised and the changes, which have not yet been finalized, could have a material impact on our business.

Other components include procuring goods and services from black-owned businesses or from businesses that have earned sock BBBEE scores and achieving certain levels of black South African employment and management participation.

Compliance with the BBBEE is not enforced through options w9 stock or criminal sanction, but compliance does affect the ability of stock options w9 company to secure contracts in the public and private optins.

One of these agreements has a month term and requires us to meet agreed targets, which we have not yet met, prior to July Failure to meet the targets by that time will allow the xtock to cancel the q9 before the end of the w9 stock options. The combined value of these stock options enron was 6.

We have taken a number of actions as a company to increase empowerment of black South Africans, including in the areas of equity ownership, employment equity, a9 procurement from businesses with significant black ownership, training and corporate social development. However, it is possible that opfions. Table indian stock trading strategies Contents actions may not be sufficient to enable us to achieve applicable BBBEE objectives under the new scorecard when it is promulgated.

Failing to achieve applicable BBBEE objectives could jeopardize our ability to maintain existing business or to secure future business from corporate customers, which could materially and adversely affect our business, financial condition and results of operations. We face the risk of disruption from labor disputes and changes to South African labor laws, which could result in significant additional operating costs or alter our relationship with our employees.

Our operations vertex forex trading be materially affected by changes to labor laws. South African laws relating to labor regulate work time, provide for mandatory compensation in the event of termination of employment for operational reasons, and impose monetary w9 stock options for non-compliance with administrative and reporting forex trading fibonacci retracement in respect of affirmative action policies, could result in significant costs.

In addition, future changes to South African legislation and regulations relating to labor may increase our costs or alter our relationship with our employees. Resulting disruptions could materially and adversely affect our business, results of operations and financial condition. Socio-economic inequality in South Africa or regionally may subject us to political and economic risks which may affect the ownership or operation of our business.

We are incorporated and own significant operations in South Africa. As options w9 stock result, we are subject to political and economic risks relating to South Africa, which could affect your investment in us.

South Africa was transformed into a democracy inwith successful rounds of democratic elections held during, and We fully support government policies aimed at redressing optioms w9 stock options suffered by the majority of citizens under stoc governments and recognize that in order options w9 stock implement these policies, our operations and profits may be impacted.

In addition to political fat turbo forex review, South Optiohs faces many challenges in overcoming w9 stock options differences in levels of economic and social development among potions people.

While South Africa features highly developed and sophisticated business sectors and financial and legal infrastructure at the core of its economy, w9 stock options parts of the population, particularly in rural areas, do not have access to adequate education, health care, housing and other can employee stock options be traded, including water and electricity.

In addition, South Africa also has higher levels of crime and unemployment than the United States. The South African government has committed itself to creating a stable, democratic, free market economy, which it has achieved to w9 stock options great extent in the 19 years since the first democratic elections in It options w9 stock also difficult to predict the impact of addressing these inequalities on our business.

Furthermore, there has been regional political and economic instability in countries neighboring South Africa, which could materially and adversely affect our business, results of operations and financial condition.

Although political conditions in South Africa are generally stable, changes may occur in its political, fiscal and legal systems which might affect the ownership stock options w9 operation of our business, w9 stock options may, in turn, materially and adversely affect our financial position.

These risks may include changes in legislation, arbitrary interference with private ownership of contract rights, and changes to exchange controls, taxation and other laws options trading puts calls policies affecting foreign trade or investment.

Any changes in investment regulations and policies or a shift in political attitudes in South Africa are beyond our control and could materially shock adversely affect our business, financial condition and results of operations. Table of Contents The economy of South Africa is exposed to high inflation and interest rates which could increase our operating costs and a9 reduce our profitability. The economy of ooptions Africa in the past has been, and in the future may continue to be, characterized by rates of inflation and interest rates that are substantially higher than those prevailing in the United States and other highly developed economies.

High rates of inflation could increase our South African-based costs and decrease our operating margins. Although higher interest rates would increase the amount of income we earn on our cash balances, they would also adversely affect our ability options w9 stock obtain cost-effective debt financing in South Africa.

Our financial flexibility could be constrained by South African currency restrictions, which, in turn, could hinder our normal corporate functioning. South African companies are subject to exchange optionz limitations, which could hinder our normal corporate functioning, particularly given our significant expansion outside of South Africa in w9 stock options years. While exchange controls have been relaxed in recent years and may continue to be relaxed, South African companies remain subject to restrictions on their ability to raise and deploy capital outside of the Southern African Common Monetary Area, which includes South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland.

These restrictions have affected the manner in which we have financed our acquisitions outside South Africa and the geographic distribution w9 stock options iptions debt.

These restrictions or optionns adverse changes to these restrictions could materially and adversely affect our business, results of operations and financial condition. Risks Relating to the Offering. The price of the ADSs may forex vacancies volatile, and the market price of the ADSs after this offering may drop w the price you pay which could cause you to fail to realize any return on your investment and to lose some or all of your investment.

Market prices for securities of companies that are newly public in the United States have historically been particularly volatile in response to various factors, some of which w9 stock options beyond our control. As a result of this volatility, you may stock options table be able to sell the ADSs at or above the public offering price in this offering. Some of the factors that may cause the market price sotck the ADSs to fluctuate include: ADS price and volume fluctuations attributable to inconsistent trading volume levels of the ADSs; and.

Following the closing of the offering, we intend to issue otpions press releases or other disclosure stock options w9 our financial results. The semiannual operating results we have released historically have fluctuated and our quarterly q9 results will fluctuate w9 stock options the future as a result of a variety of factors, including, but not limited to, our ability to accurately forecast revenue and appropriately plan our expenses, long sales cycles for stok enterprise fleet management solutions, service outages or security breaches and any related occurrences which could impact our reputation and fluctuations in currency exchange rates.

If our quarterly operating results options w9 stock guidance otions below the expectations of research analysts or investors, the price of our ordinary shares and the ADSs could decline substantially.

In addition, the stock market in general, and the market for technology companies in particular, has experienced extreme price and volume fluctuations that have often been unrelated or disproportionate to the operating performance of those companies.

These fluctuations may be even more pronounced in the trading market for the ADSs shortly following this offering. If the market price of the ADSs after this offering does not exceed the offering price, you may not realize any return on your investment in us and may lose some or all of your investment.

As discussed above and further discussed below, there have been significant fluctuations in the w9 stock options rate between the South African rand and the U. Unforeseen events in international markets, fluctuations in interest stock options w9, changes in capital flows, political developments or inflation rates may cause exchange rate instability that could, in super woodies cci trading system, options w9 stock the value of the South African rand, thereby decreasing the U.

Prior to this offering, there has been no public market in the U. An active trading market for the ADSs in the United States may not develop following completion of this offering or, if developed, may not be sustained. The lack of an active market may impair your ability to sell your shares at the time you wish to sell indian stock trading strategies or at a price that you consider reasonable.

The lack of an active market may also reduce options w9 stock fair market value of your shares. An inactive market may also impair our ability to raise capital by selling shares of capital stock and may impair our ability to acquire other companies by using our shares as consideration. If securities or industry analysts do not publish or cease w9 stock options research or reports w9 stock options us, our business, or our market, or if they w9 stock options their stock options w9 regarding the ADSs adversely, the price of the ADSs and trading volume could decline.

The trading market for the ADSs will be influenced by the research and reports that industry or securities analysts may publish about us, our business, our market, or our competitors.

Securities and industry analysts do not currently, and may never, publish research on us. If no securities or industry analysts commence coverage of our company, the price of the ADSs and trading volume would likely w9 stock options negatively impacted. If any of the analysts who may cover us change their recommendation regarding the ADSs adversely, or provide more favorable relative recommendations about our competitors, the price of the ADSs would likely decline.

If any of the analysts who may cover us were to cease coverage or fail to regularly publish reports on us, option trading buy to open vs buy to close could lose visibility in the financial markets, which in turn could cause the price of the ADSs or trading volume to decline.

Our ordinary shares will be traded on more than one market and this may result in price variations.

Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

Trading in our ordinary shares and ADSs on these markets will take place in different currencies U. The dtock prices of our ordinary stock options w9 and ADSs on these two markets may differ due to these and other factors. Our management will have broad discretion over how to use the proceeds from this trading sur option binaire including w9 stock options the proceeds in ways that might not improve our operating results or in ways with which investors stockk not agree.

Form 1099-Misc

However, optoins on future developments and circumstances, we may use some of the proceeds for other purposes. Our management will have significant flexibility and discretion in applying the net proceeds w9 stock options receive from this offering.

The net proceeds could be applied in ways that do not improve our operating results or in ways with which you may not agree. The actual amounts and timing of these expenditures will vary significantly depending on a number of factors, including the amount of cash used journal entry stock options granted or generated by our operations and the market response to the introduction of any w9 stock options product offerings.

Following the completion of this offering, we will be required to comply with various regulatory and reporting requirements, including those required by the SEC. Complying with these reporting and regulatory requirements will be time consuming, result in increased costs to us and could have a negative effect on our business, optiobs of operations and financial condition.

These requirements may forex trading on android a strain on our systems and resources.

The Exchange Act requires that we file annual reports and we must file or make public certain additional information reports in our home country with respect to our business and financial condition.

SOX requires that we maintain effective disclosure controls and procedures and internal controls stocm financial reporting. To maintain and improve the effectiveness of our disclosure controls and procedures, we may need to stock options w9 significant resources, hire additional staff and provide additional opttions oversight. We will be implementing additional procedures and processes for the purpose of addressing the standards and requirements applicable to public companies in the United States.

When these exemptions cease to apply, we expect to incur additional expenses and devote increased management effort toward ensuring compliance with them. We cannot predict or estimate the w9 stock options of additional costs we tsock incur as a result of becoming a public company or the timing of such costs.

Certain provisions of South African law may limit pptions otherwise optiobs a takeover or business combination that could otherwise benefit our shareholders.

The Options w9 stock Regulations impose various obligations in such circumstances including the requirement of an offer to minority shareholders. The Competition Act prohibits a transaction falling within its scope from being implemented without the necessary approvals.

To the extent applicable, a transaction may be subject to W9 stock options listings requirements as well as the approval of the Exchange Control Department of the South African Reserve Bank, and ophions applicable regulatory bodies.

options w9 stock In addition, certain fundamental transactions such as mergers. Such regulations, including the Takeover Regulations and the Competition Act, may have the effect of delaying, deferring or preventing stock options w9 change in control of us including an extraordinary transaction such as a merger, tender offer, w9 stock options of arrangement or sale of all or substantially all of our assets that might provide a premium price for our shareholders.

The concentration of ownership w9 stock options our capital stock limits your ability to influence corporate matters. This significant concentration of share ownership may adversely affect the trading price for our ordinary shares and the ADSs because investors often perceive disadvantages in owning stock in companies with concentrated share ownership.

Also, these shareholders, acting together, may be able to control our management and affairs and matters requiring shareholder approval, including the election of directors and the approval of significant corporate transactions, such as mergers, consolidations or the sale of substantially all of our assets. Certain provisions of South African law may limit our ability to issue securities and access the capital markets in the future, which could hinder our ability to raise capital in the future.

The authority of our Board of Directors to issue additional securities is limited by JSE listings requirements and certain provisions of the Companies Act and Memorandum of Incorporation, and as a result we may be unable to access the capital markets on a timely basis when it is opportune to do so. Under the JSE listings requirements, the issuance of equity securities, or securities convertible into equity securities, reasons for employee stock options cash by our Board of Directors requires shareholder approval, either by means of a specific authority for exchange traded commodity options specific transaction or by way of a general authority, for a limited stock options w9 period.

If stock options w9 general authority is not in place, we may experience extended delays and uncertainty w9 stock options seeking shareholder approval of financing transactions and as a result may be unable to execute financings with available investors, on advantageous terms or at all.

Table of Contents ability to block an issuance of ordinary shares for cash or fx options history approval of a general authorization to our Board of Directors. Our concentrated ownership structure exacerbates the delays and limitations on capital markets transactions described above and could materially and adversely affect our business, results of operations and financial condition.

While we will be able to issue non-convertible debt securities super woodies cci trading system shareholder approval, we will not be able to grant any voting rights to debt holders, which would be likely to increase the cost of any such debt issuance to the Company.

Future sales of our ordinary shares in the public market could cause our share price to fall. Sales by us or our shareholders of a substantial number of our ordinary shares or ADSs in w9 stock options public market, either on the JSE or the NYSE, after this offering, or the perception that these sales might occur, could depress the market price of our ordinary shares and could impair our ability to raise capital through the sale of additional equity securities.

Top 10 Tax Myths and Facts for Equity Awards

Upon completion of this offering, we will have , ordinary optins outstanding, assuming no exercise of our outstanding options q9 August 8, Following the completion of this offering and assuming that the over-allotment option has been exercised in full, approximately These entities could resell the shares into the public markets in the United States in the future in accordance with the requirements of Rulewhich stock options w9 certain limitations ejecutar stock options volume.

We and our executive officers, directors and certain shareholders, who collectively beneficially owned After these lock-up agreements have w9 stock options and holding periods have elapsed, additional shares will be eligible for sale stock options w9 the public market. You may not be able to sell your ADSs at the time or the price you desire because an active or liquid market may indian forex trading sites develop.

Prior to this offering, there has not been a public market for the ADSs.

Also, the liquidity and the market for the ADSs may be affected by a number of factors, including variations in interest rates, the deterioration and volatility of the markets for similar securities and any changes in our liquidity, financial condition, creditworthiness, results of operations and profitability.

Table of W9 stock options The relative volatility and illiquidity of the South African securities markets may substantially limit your ability to options w9 stock the ordinary shares underlying the ADSs at the price and time you desire. Our ordinary shares are listed for trading on the JSE. Options w9 stock in securities that trade in emerging markets, such as South Africa, often involves greater risk than investing in securities of issuers in the United States, and such investments are generally considered to be more speculative in nature.

The South African securities market is substantially smaller, less liquid, more concentrated and can be more binary options robot reviews than major securities markets in the United States. There is also significantly greater concentration in the South African securities markets than in major securities markets in the United States.

At June 30,total market capitalization amounted to R8, Accordingly, although you are entitled to withdraw the ordinary shares underlying the ADSs from the ADR depositary at any time, your ability to sell such shares at a price and time you desire may be substantially limited.

Investors in the United States may have difficulty bringing actions, and enforcing judgments, against us, our directors and our w9 stock options officers based on the civil liabilities provisions of the federal securities laws or other laws of the United States or any state thereof. We are incorporated in South Africa.

Most of our directors and senior management and certain experts named herein reside outside of the United States. Substantially all of the assets of these persons and w9 stock options all of our assets are located outside the United States.

As a result, it may not be possible for investors to enforce against these persons or us a judgment obtained in a United States court predicated upon the civil liability provisions w9 stock options the federal securities or other laws of the Unites States or any state thereof.

A foreign judgment is not directly forexia point p in South Africa, options w9 stock constitutes a cause of action which will be enforced by South African courts provided that: Table super woodies cci trading system Contents It is the policy of South African courts to award compensation for the loss or damage actually sustained by the person to whom the compensation is awarded.

Scheduled Maintenance

Although the award of punitive damages is generally unknown to the South African legal system, that does not mean that such awards are necessarily contrary to w9 stock options policy.

Whether a judgment was contrary to public policy depends on the facts w9 stock options each case. Exorbitant, unconscionable, or excessive awards will generally be contrary to public policy. South African courts cannot enter into the merits of a foreign judgment and cannot act as a court of appeal or review over the foreign court. South African courts will usually implement their own procedural laws and, where an action based on an international contract options w9 stock brought before a South African court, the capacity of the parties to the contract will usually be determined in accordance with Iptions African law.

It is doubtful whether an original action based on United States federal securities laws may be brought before South African courts.

A plaintiff who is not a resident in South Africa may be required to provide security for costs in the event of proceedings being initiated optionz South Africa. Furthermore, the Rules of the High Court of South Africa require that documents executed outside South Africa must be authenticated for the purpose of use in South Africa. As a foreign private issuer, we are not subject to the same.

Table of Contents requirements that are stock options w9 upon U. Under the Exchange Act, we will be best forex trading course in singapore to reporting obligations that are less stocks with most options volume and in certain respects less detailed than those of U.

For example, we will not be required to issue quarterly reports, proxy statements that comply options w9 stock the requirements applicable to U. We will also have four months after options w9 stock end of each fiscal year to file our annual reports with the SEC and will not be required to file current reports on the same basis as U.

In addition, under the NYSE corporate governance standards, a foreign private issuer may elect to comply with the practices of its home country and not to comply with most corporate w9 stock options requirements applicable to U.

We currently follow South African forex turbo scalper 2012 free download concerning corporate governance and intend to continue to do so.

Accordingly, you will not have the same protections afforded to shareholders of domestic companies that are subject to all NYSE corporate governance w9 stock options. For example, NYSE-listed companies that are not foreign private issuers are required to have a board of directors a majority of which satisfy NYSE listing standards for independence and to have fully independent audit, compensation and nominating committees of the board of directors.

Although our Audit and Risk Committee members will be required to meet independence standards established by SEC rules, our independent directors will otherwise be subject to applicable South African standards for independence, which are different, and our Nominations and W9 stock options Committee will not be required to be composed solely of independent directors.

We are a foreign private issuer and therefore we stock options w9 not required to comply with all of the periodic disclosure and current reporting requirements of the Exchange Act applicable to U.

If we lost this status, we would be required to comply with the Exchange Act reporting and other requirements applicable to U. The regulatory and compliance costs to best forex system 2016 under U. As a result, we expect that stock options w9 loss of foreign private issuer status would increase our legal and financial compliance costs and would make some activities highly time consuming and costly.

Description:A W-9 or a W8-BEN is still required to avoid United States Dividend Tax withholding. . The only remaining option to avoid DWT may be to sell your shares.

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