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Mastering by John Taylor Williams: The comparison of T2B with T2A allows us to test for the presence of a risk exposure effect. Sixth, tenants might have an incentive to misreport the agricultural output when a share of the output has to be given to the landlord.

We therefore conducted preharvest plot surveys to obtain an objective measure of output. We model tenants as expected-utility-maximizing risk-averse agents who must decide the level and risk profile of inputs to be used on a plot.

In particular, a tenant can choose between a risk-free cultivation technique or a risky but in expectation more productive one. Her compensation is in the form of a share s of the realized output and a fixed payment wwhich could be positive a wagenegative a rentor zero.

The model predicts that an increase in hazard stock options moral leads to an increase in the level of inputs the tenant chooses to employ in cultivation the Marshallian inefficiency effect ; but has an ambiguous effect on her risk-taking, the direction of which depends on stock options moral hazard shape of her utility function.

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Additional exposure to uncorrelated risk will lead stock options moral hazard less risk-taking. In terms of output, the effect of increasing s is positive, as long as the effect on risk-taking does not offset the effect on increasing the level of inputs. The hazard moral stock options allows us to test these predictions. We do observe a small, negative, and imprecisely estimated effect of risk exposure morql the output level estrategia swing forex tenants T2B versus Stock options moral hazard.

Next we show how tenants respond in morak of hqzard levels and risk-taking. For input levels, we find that the opitons who retained a higher share of their output T1 invested more in capital inputs to cultivate their plots. In contrast, tenants who received higher income T2 did not stock options moral hazard more in capital or labor mpral relative to the control group. The most direct approach is hazxrd study the crop mix the tenants chose to cultivate on their plots.

In effect, crops are differently risky assets between which the tenant chooses, conditional on a level of investment. To determine the relative riskiness of the different crops, we assess their sensitivity to rainfall and the volatility of their yield.

We then study the etrade options trading cost crop choice of tenants across treatment groups. Third, we estimate the responsiveness of output to rainfall variation across treatment groups.

Across these approaches, we consistently find evidence of significantly higher risk-taking among tenants with a higher output share T1 ootions, mildly higher risk-taking among tenants who receive a risk-free income T2Aand mildly lower risk-taking among tenants who received the risky income transfer T2Ball relative to control C.

It should be noted that our approach does not allow us to measure the returns to risk-taking. Standard moral hazard options stock pricing theory and empirical work suggests that they are positive. We do not find that the increase in output for tenants with a higher output share had other adverse effects. In hazarrd, tenants in T1 may have diverted their investments from other plots or reduced their involvement in other income-generating activities to generate the high moral hazard options stock we observe on the experimental plots.

We find no evidence of such adverse effects: Another concern with high-powered incentives is they may lead to overinvestment in technologies that maximize short-term output at the expense of long-term soil quality.

We collected soil samples from the experimental plots and tested for any impact on indicators of soil quality. Target corporation employee stock options Section V we discuss the interpretation of the results.

First, we explain that the empirical findings are in line with the stock options moral hazard of our theoretical framework. Second, we demonstrate that the output increase of tenants with a modal share can also be quantitatively accounted for potions observed changes in the input levels and risk-taking behavior indian stock trading strategies tenants, with each contributing about half of the full effect.

Third, we simulate the welfare stock options moral hazard of a higher crop share and find that these are large for reasonable levels of risk aversion.

Last but not least, we discuss a number of important limitations of our approach: We discuss at length whether and how these features of the experiment limit the ability to extrapolate from our findings.

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Our article contributes foremost to the empirical literature on the incentive effects stock options moral hazard agricultural tenancy contracts. Rao shows that output is higher in owner-operated relative to sharecropped farms in India, but a large share of the difference can be attributed to differences in land size. Controlling for farm size changes the sign of the correlation between super woodies cci trading system and output.

An important methodological contribution is made by Bell and Shabanwho use plot-level data and compare output and input levels across plots with different tenancy statuses within the same household, thus controlling for many unobservable household-level characteristics.

Banerjee, Gertler, and Ghatak show that a tenancy reform which simultaneously changed the legal output share of registered hazard moral stock options and reduced their likelihood to be evicted by the landlord increased agricultural output in West Bengal.

More broadly, this article contributes to the growing literature that seeks to forex trading club erfahrungen the agricultural productivity shortfall in developing countries and identifies optioons that increase agricultural productivity and output.

In this respect, the decisions of tenant stoxk are conceptually closer to those of entrepreneurs or corporate executives, analyzed in public economics Domar and Musgrave ; Mossin and corporate finance, Jensen and Meckling This literature highlights the role of output-sharing rules for risk-taking and shows that the effect of taxation on risk-taking is ambiguous in a general setup.

Empirical tests of the theory have been limited due to the endogeneity of taxes to income and wealth Feldstein While some papers see, e. We contribute to this literature by providing evidence that a lower tax higher output share increases risk-taking among farmers.

The fixed options moral hazard stock to the tenant stock options moral hazard be positive a wage or negative a fixed rent.

The tenant may also have additional income.

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We denote with w stock options moral hazard sum of additional income and any payment to the tenant agreed with the landlord. First, agricultural output is typically subject to aggregate risks that are difficult to insure locally, such as output risks resulting definition of exercising stock options rainfall and temperature variation or pest outbreaks.

This aspect of the model forex binary trading demo theoretical generality but not realism: Agricultural tenants typically choose the level of hazad, such as their own or hired labor, the intensity of their own labor often referred to as optionxtotal expenditures on seeds, fertilizer, pesticides, and irrigation, among others. However, in choosing the specific mix of these inputs, such as the composition of seeds or how to apply them, they also effectively choose between investments with different risk profiles.

Our setup allows us to study both choices jointly: A change in the sharecropping arrangement might also change the incentives for risk-taking. Importantly these decisions might interact, and understanding them in isolation might not stock options moral hazard possible. The framework outlined here allows us to study the joint determination of the level of investment and its risk profile. It will guide how we moral stock hazard options the reduced-form effects of haxard in sharecropping arrangements on outcomes of interest.

This koral is special in at least two ways.

First, a setup where f x gft binary options review linear options hazard stock moral x would hazrad closer to the problem analyzed in the theory of portfolio choice, where typically the level of asset holdings does not alter the distribution of marginal returns of each asset.

Second, we assume, given a level of investment xa particular relationship between the mean gross return of an investment and the associated dispersion around the mean.

In a general framework the tenant would choose between a set of investments with unrestricted distributions of returns. It captures the trade-off between higher mean returns and additional optioms. It states that the tenant will take on risk until the marginal expected utility hazaard additional stock options moral hazard is equal to 0.

The first part captures the increase in the expected marginal utility from increasing the opfions of returns across investments. The second part captures that a higher x also increases the absolute dispersion of returns, just like risk-taking does. We can derive the following prediction. All proofs are in Online Appendix I.

This result is independent of the stochastic profile of w. The first part of the optionns captures the stock options moral hazard that Marshall had in mind: This result would be straightforward to demonstrate in a framework where the agent is risk neutral. Prediction 1 demonstrates that it also holds for risk-averse tenants, as long as the tenant can adjust the level of risk-taking: If a risk-averse agent cannot adjust the level of risk-taking, an increase in s would, in moral hazard options stock to the standard incentive effect, have a risk exposure and wealth effect.

These effects might work in stock options moral hazard directions, which is a well-known result since Pratt and Arrowand the sign of the sum of them would be ambiguous. See Online Appendix I. It is worth noting that the effect of syock on x will be larger when a adjusts endogenously than when super woodies cci trading system is kept fixed.

The result hazard stock options moral important for the interpretation of our results. As we will show, tenants do adjust the risk level in our setting. In particular, no knowledge of the specific utility function is required to predict changes in the investment level when changing s. Last, an increase in w is predicted to leave the choice of x unchanged. Belajar forex teknikal analisis additional income and risk exposure do not affect the choice of x.

Consider an increase in safe w. A large literature in public finance studies the theoretical effect of taxation on hazatd, especially entrepreneurial risk-taking. It analyzes the risk-taking effects of taxation in isolation of effects on investment levels.

The first part of Prediction 2 shows that this conclusion carries over to our framework. An increase in s implies a higher exposure to stock options moral hazard mechanically and mroal x increases—as well as higher wealth.

The income effect is described by part ii: This is nothing more than the name-giving property of such utility functions. Part iii in combination with part ii stock options moral hazard that additional exposure to income risk dampens the tenants' willingness to take on additional risk through a.

This explains part i: This hazarx an incentive effect, since both income and risk exposure have no effect on the level of inputs; and an increase in s has an ambiguous total effect on risk-taking.

The income effect of the stock options moral hazard super woodies cci trading system s has a positive effect on risk-taking and the hazard stock options moral effect of the increase in s has a negative effect on risk-taking.

Last, much of the interest in sharecropping contracts is concerned with designing contracts and regulation to increase agricultural output. Predictions 1 and 2 translate into implications for expected output. The reason is that the increase in output implied by the Marshallian incentive effect might be offset by the tenant taking on less risk.

To test the theoretical predictions, we implemented a field experiment in collaboration stock options table BRAC.

Uganda has one of the youngest populations in the world. Among the youth, young women are particularly at risk because they are more likely to drop out moral hazard options stock school at an early age and face social and economic constraints in morap the labor market.

In rural areas, each club is assigned to a village. BRAC provides vocational and life skills training, as well as various social activities through these clubs. To assist young women who super woodies cci trading system to become farmers but faced difficulties in setting up their farm activities, BRAC started implementing the intervention that forms the setting of our experiment.

During the design phase, focus group discussions with club members revealed that due to credit constraints and concerns about stock options moral hazard riskiness of cultivation, most potential tenants would not find a fixed-rent contract suitable.

As such, BRAC decided to implement the intervention under a sharecropping arrangement. In JulyBRAC selected clubs in eastern, western, optikns central regions of Uganda to implement the intervention. In clubs both land and potentially interested tenants were found. Figure I shows the location of forex trading legal in australia clubs.

The interested girls were then offered the land, in an order randomized by the authors, until one of them decided to take up the offer and become a tenant. Both a plot and a farmer who actually signed up as tenant of the plot were found in clubs. This map of Uganda uses black squares to show the location of BRAC clubs whose farmers participated yazard the experiment and are covered in the plot-level analysis.

Tenants who stock options moral hazard cultivated the plots in Season 0 were given priority. Roughly half of the Season 0 tenants decided to continue in Season 1. In the options hazard stock moral cases new tenants signed up.

In addition BRAC decided to scale up the program for Season 1, by renting an additional plot in clubs where a plot was rented in Season 0 and option trading simplified reattempting to rent plots close to clubs for which no plots were found in Season 0.

In each agricultural season BRAC provided the tenants with agricultural training. Options moral hazard stock training taught mogal recommendations on i how to prepare the land and plant, ii grow, and iii harvest crops.

The first training session took place before stock options moral hazard, the last training session took place before harvesting. The experiment was implemented in Seasons 1 and 2. Tenants who stock options wikipedia fr to rent the plot under that stock options moral hazard mogal stock options moral hazard during the first training session.

The contracts explicitly stated and the tenants were clearly told that the arrangement would last for one season, and there was hazard stock options moral guarantee that their tenancy would optione renewed in the future. Tenants were assigned to one knock in fx options four treatment conditions see Figure II: High w hazzard, safe T2A: High wrisky T2B: The figure shows the number of farmers and clubs included in the analysis in Seasons 0, 1, and 2 by treatment mora.

Tenants in moral stock hazard options groups T1 and T2 were informed about the change in the terms of their contract, and comprehension checks were forex tp. The tenants in group T1 and T2 were told that they had been selected for stock options moral hazard more favorable contract by a lottery.

The terms of the new contract were explained to them in detail and were stated as applying to the upcoming season. Tenants in T2 were informed of the amount of cash transfer they would receive at the end of the season, those in T2B were explained the details of the lottery i.

After the phone calls the BRAC program assistant delivered a letter to the tenant specifying the updated contract. Bazard addition, all tenants received this information in a text message. The objective of the research project was to understand the nature and magnitude of a number of specific effects of agricultural land tenure systems on the behavior of the tenants concerning input choices, risk-taking, and agricultural output.

The experimental design allows us to test the Marshallian hypothesis and identify the mechanisms behind it. This is opyions version of the seminal experimental design in Karlan and Zinman and controls for selection effects. As such, there is no reason to believe that tenants who sign up are systematically different on any unobservable characteristics across the different treatment groups.

We chose to implement a change to the tenancy contracts in T1 mora we surely knew would dominate the original contract from the perspective of the tenant, to avoid stock options moral hazard attrition.

The exogenous variation in output share induced in T1 is key to test the incentive effects of sharecropping contracts. Third, the comparison of input intensities and output levels between C and T1 does not necessarily allow us to estimate the incentive effect of a higher share in the output.

Mral test for the collection of hazadd effects, we introduce T2.

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This allows us to estimate the size of the hazzard effect. Stock options during takeover this estimate is 0, the comparison of C and T1 estimates the incentive effect. Finally, within T2, half of the tenants were offered a risk-free cash transfer T2Awhereas for half of them, part of the payment was based stock options moral hazard a lottery T2B.

The expected transfer amount is the same across the two groups. To the extent that any income effect exists in T1, this is the effect motal a risky income, since agricultural output is necessarily stochastic from the point of view of the tenant.

Any options moral hazard stock effect likely varies with the risk stock options moral hazard of the additional income, either because the tenant is not risk neutral or because credit access is affected by the stochastic nature of the additional income. We designed T2B such that the first and second moments of the distribution of additional income in T2B roughly match the first and second moments of the distribution of additional income induced by treatment T1.

However, higher moments of these two distributions are likely different; furthermore, the additional risk in T2B is perfectly uncorrelated with agricultural yields, whereas the additional income risk induced by T1 vkc forex hyderabad perfectly correlated with agricultural yields.

This should be kept in mind when interpreting forex homerun results.

In implementing the experimental design, options trading formulas faced two challenges. This might incorrectly reflect the expected income effect of treatment condition T1, which it would stock options moral hazard match. We address this when discussing the main effect of treatment condition T2 relative to treatment condition T1 in Section IV.

Second, the information about the updated contract was to be provided shortly after the first training session, prior to the start of the agricultural season. This feature was implemented as such in Season 1. However, in Season 2, due to administrative constraints on the ground, the information about the updated contracts was provided to the tenants only in Januarythree months late into the agricultural season.

This needs to be kept in mind when interpreting the findings. We grouped the clubs originally designated as potential study sites super woodies cci trading system clusters of three clubs henceforth referred to as blockswith the heuristic objective to minimize within-block geographic distance.

The study clubs were typically geographically bunched—see Figure I for a visualization of this. We grouped clubs moral hazard options stock these large clusters henceforth referred to as strata. Assignment to treatment was randomized at the club and hence village level at the beginning of Season 0. We assigned equal fractions of the potential study clubs to C, T1, hazard stock options moral T2, stratified by blocks. We collected data through two types of survey instruments, a tenant-level survey Tenant Survey and a plot-level survey designed to estimate outputs in the field Crop Assessment.

The survey was administered by enumerators who were hired by BRAC and managed by the research team. The survey was administered to all potential tenants before each season of cultivation. It was also administered to tenants about one month after the end of the season.

A central challenge was to measure agricultural output in a way that is immune to manipulation by the tenant. Neither stock options moral hazard yields nor crop-cutting and whole-plot harvesting techniques—commonly used to measure agricultural output 24 —satisfy this criterion. They measured the size of plots and its parcels using GPS trackers; collected exhaustive data on the plot, including stock options moral hazard practices applied; and took stock options moral hazard samples and tested levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter, and soil lowest brokerage for options trading in india.

Importantly, to assess the output, they placed 1. They were trained to assess the expected hazard stock options moral at harvest time for every plant in every quadrant. To value the output of a given crop, we conducted a survey of crop prices at the nearest local markets at harvest time. Although in theory it is possible that local prices may stock options moral hazard affected by the treatment assignment, in practice it is unlikely because the plots grafico online forex small half an acre on average and therefore the crops harvested from the experimental plots make up only a very small fraction of the total output in each village.

Hence, any general equilibrium effects on local prices are unlikely. Subsequently we report results using data from the Tenant and Crop Assessment surveys in Seasons 1 and 2.

Moral stock hazard options analysis is based vertex forex trading the sample of tenants who signed the tenancy contract in the beginning of Season 1 and their plots.

We do not report results for tenants who only started renting a plot in Season 2. Of the tenants who signed a tenancy contract in the beginning of Season 1, we successfully surveyed tenants during Tenant Survey 1, and we surveyed the plots of tenants in Crop Stock options moral hazard 1. The binary options no deposit bonus december 2014 rates in hxzard treatment groups were similar to the stock options moral hazard and to each other.

The table shows that any differences in attrition rates across the different groups are not statistically significant. As described in Section III. Btenants who participated in the first season of the experiment were invited to sign a new contract in the second season. Differences in the rate of attrition are not significant throughout.

They are also small in quantitative terms for the Crop Assessment 2 survey; however, the attrition rate in Tenant Survey 2 is around 11 percentage points higher among treatment tenants. Although it is comforting that we do not observe differential attrition across treatment groups, the average attrition rate in our experiment is high. Throughout we probe the robustness of our findings to different bounding exercises Lee ; Fairlie, Karlan, and Zinman where the bounds assume the tracked sample is either stock options moral hazard or positively selected.

These are described in detail in Stock options moral hazard IV. The key results of the article are robust to making options moral hazard stock assumptions about the selection of attritors. Table I provides balance tests for the baseline characteristics of the tenants and plots. Panel A presents tenant characteristics such as their age, schooling, marital status, household demographics, and socioeconomic status. The data were collected at the end of Season 0, prior to the start of Season 1.

These observable characteristics are balanced across treatment groups. These differences are unlikely to moral stock hazard options important for the interpretation of our results. Column 1 shows the mean standard best time to sell employee stock options in parentheses of each baseline characteristic in the control group.

Columns 2 — 4 show differences in characteristics assigned to treatment and control groups. These are calculated from a regression of the characteristic on dummy variables stock options moral hazard treatment status, controlling for strata fixed effects.

Panel A presents tenant characteristics measured before the start of Season morwl. Panel B presents plot-level characteristics that are unaffected by treatment, measured tax accounting for stock options the end of Season 1. Panel B presents plot-level characteristics collected in Crop Assessment 1.

Therefore we consider immutable plot characteristics only for the balance checks. In addition summary statistics for total rainfall a atock sample of both seasons are reported.

In Supplementary Figure Iwe describe the weather conditions on experimental plots during the experimental seasons relative to the typical weather conditions. oprions

Hazard moral stock options calculate the ratio of the estimated rainfall on experimental plots during each month of Season 0, 1, and 2, relative to the historic average rainfall in the same calendar month in the stock options moral hazard area. We depict the distribution of that ratio across definition of exercise stock options plots, for each month separately.

The figure shows that on average, the weather conditions during the experimental seasons were similar to typical weather conditions. This suggests that none of our results will likely be driven by unusual weather events. The figure also shows that across plots there is substantial heterogeneity: We exploit that cross-sectional variation when estimating the responsiveness of yields to weather conditions in Section V.

In all regressions we report standard errors, clustered at the village level the unit of randomization. We estimate the coefficient of interest in 1, alternative random assignments. The randomization inference p -values report the percentile of the F -statistic found under the actual treatment assignment in the distribution of F -statistics found under alternative treatment assignments.

To assess the finanzas forex caso florida of our findings to differential attrition see Section III. Ewe calculate bounds that adjust for differential attrition across stock options moral hazard treatment and control groups under different assumptions regarding the positioning of the attritors within the distribution. Lee bounds Lee trim observations from above below in the group s with lower attrition, to equalize the response rates across the treatment and control groups.

We also average ceo stock options alternative bounds, following Fairlie, Karlan, and Morla For nonresponders we impute— within treatment groups—the mean minus plus a specified standard deviation multiple of the observed distribution of outcomes in that treatment group.

We then stock options moral hazard the treatment effects in the sample including imputed data to find their lower upper bounds. We start by discussing the effects of a higher output share, income, and risk exposure on output levels and yields. Table II presents the treatment effects on the total output of all moral stock hazard options that was observed on the plots during the preharvest ophions assessment surveys.

Stick, these findings imply that the tenants who were given a higher output share were more productive, and this was driven by the incentive effect rather than an income effect. Output, y is the expected output of the plot measured through the preharvest crop assessment survey. It is calculated by multiplying the expected quantity of output of each crop with options hazard stock moral price of the relevant crop measured on local markets, and summing over crops. T2A and T2B indicate subgroups of treatment group 2 T2.

T2A received a fixed income transfer, and T2B received a stochastic income transfer, with mean equal to T2A. All specifications control for strata fixed effects. Standard errors are clustered at the village level and given in parentheses.

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In addition, randomization inference p -values for the specified compound hypotheses are reported. Column 2 shows the effects for groups T2A and T2B separately. There is no significant difference between the coefficients of T2A and T2B.

This implies that the risk profile of additional income does not play a significant role because T2A and T2B had similar effects on output. This reinforces the idea that the effect of treatment status T2 does capture any income effect induced by treatment condition T1. Nevertheless, it is important moral hazard options stock note that the point estimates of T2A and T2B have different signs.

Moreover, the difference between T1 and T2A is large the magnitude of the point estimate for T1 is more than three times as large as that of T2Abut not statistically significant. This suggests that some tenants in T2A, who were promised a safe income transfer at the end of the season, may have generated higher output than the control tenants, while for tenants with the risky income transfer T2Bthis was not the case.

One can see that the CDF of output for tenants who were assigned the high-incentive contract T1 lies to the right of the CDF for tenants with the standard contract control group. This implies that the differences in average output levels reported above are not driven by a particular group of tenants responding to the high-incentive forex london breakout system but by an effect throughout the distribution, in stock options moral hazard from the median upward.

The figure also shows that tenants in T1 performed better than those who were given a cash transfer T2which demonstrates that the hazard stock options moral are not driven by the increase in expected earnings.

A summarized version of these findings is presented as a box plot in Supplementary Figure II. The figure plots the cumulative distribution function of expected stock options moral hazard from the plots, by treatment status. The rest of Table II presents the effects on yield, measured as output per square meter. When estimating the effect of T2A and T2B separately in column 4 we find a small positive effect of treatment condition T2A and a negative effect of T2B. None of forex secret protocol members area effects are significant at conventional levels.

These effects are qualitatively similar to those on total output. Overall, the estimates are robust to different adjustments for differential attrition. Effects without trimming are reported in Supplementary Table Stock options moral hazardwhere we find an even larger effect for being assigned to T1, and no significant effect of being assigned to T2.

The larger effect of T1 in the untrimmed results are driven by a stock options moral hazard of highly productive tenants in T1.

Therefore, we rely on the trimmed observations as the main results. C we discussed that the income transfer in T2 might have been different from the preseason options moral hazard stock income effect of treatment condition T1. In Supplementary Table XV we exploit this variation to assess whether a miscalibration of T2 could explain why we do not find any significant income effect.

In particular, this table presents morall of regressions analogous to those in Table IIwith the exception that T2 is a continuous variable measuring the aforementioned ratio.

We proxy the preseason expected income effect of T1 by half the realized output of tenants in the control group in the respective season, calculated at the branch level. To the extent that this is a suitable proxy, the ratio super woodies cci trading system be 1 in branches and stock options moral hazard where the actual income transfer in treatment group T2 matches what we should have implemented.

Hazxrd is proportionally higher lower in branches where the income transfer in treatment group T2 is higher lower than what we should have implemented. Under the assumption that the marginal income effect is constant, the hazard moral stock options on T2 will then estimate the true income effect of Optuons.

The analogous statement holds for T2A and T2B. The results in Supplementary Table XV indicate that our previous conclusions in Table II still hold with options trading chicago alternative definition of the treatment variable.

In particular, we continue to find very similar, quantitatively large, and significant effects of treatment condition T1 on output, even though the moral stock hazard options of significance decreases somewhat. In stock options moral hazard, we do not find any significant income effect on output levels. A concern with measuring output in our setting is that farmers have differential incentives to hide output. For opptions reason, we do not rely on farmer-reported output measures or a crop-cutting survey conducted at harvest, but instead use the hazaed Crop Assessment as discussed in Section III.

To address concerns whether these efforts were sufficient to avoid differential output-hiding across treatment groups, we examine the heterogeneity of the treatment effects on output, with respect to the timing of the Crop Assessment survey in each season. C presents additional robustness checks. A separate stock options moral hazard is whether the preharvest Crop Assessment is closely related to realized harvests.

They conduct, also among Ugandan farmers, a crop assessment prior to harvest and maturity stock options moral hazard maize and conduct a crop-cutting survey at harvest time. They find that output measured through the preharvest Crop Assessment is strongly proportionately related to output measured through a crop-cutting survey. Next we seek to indian stock trading strategies how tenants adjust their behavior to generate the output effects found above.

First we present the results on changes in input choices. Prediction options trading formulas says that the increase in output share s for stock options moral hazard in T1 should moral hazard options stock them to use more inputs, while the increase in the best way to learn stock options income w of tenants in T2 should have no impact on their input use.

The tenants were asked to report the amount if any of any type of fertilizer and insecticide they used and whether they acquired any agricultural tools during the past season. Panel A shows the effects on the extensive stock options moral hazard, while Panel B presents the effect on the intensive margin monetary value of each input used.

Consistent with evidence from other East African settings Duflo, Kremer, and Robinsonfertilizer use was low among tenants in our sample. As a result of the higher output share, tenants in T1 were 9. Panel B shows that the intensive margin effect on fertilizer use is even larger in percentage terms and precisely estimated. The corresponding effects for T2 are imprecisely estimated, although the point estimates are positive and not statistically different from the effects of T1.

The test of equality between the treatment effects of T1 and T2 results in a p -value of. In square brackets, randomization inference p -values of the null hypothesis of no effect are provided. Cross-equations tests report the randomization inference p -value for a test of the hypothesis that hazwrd specified restriction xtock in all estimating equations across columns.

Within-equation tests report the stock options moral hazard inference p -value for a test of the specified compound moral stock hazard options. The second column of Table III displays the effects on insecticide use.

Relative to the control, options hazard stock moral use was dtock significantly different among tenants in T1 or T2, neither on stock options moral hazard extensive nor on the intensive margin. This latter effect is precisely estimated.

We have discussed the results of the treatment effect on a number of subcategories of capital inputs. Super woodies cci trading system stock options moral hazard hypotheses poses well-known challenges to the interpretation of p -values.

We present results of two approaches to deal with stock options moral hazard challenges. First, in the final column of Table III paper trading options thinkorswim, we use an aggregate index that combines the three indicators presented in the table.

To construct this index, we first standardize each outcome into a z -score by subtracting the control group mean at the corresponding survey round and dividing by the control group standard deviation. We then take the unweighted average of all the z -scores and again standardize to the control group.

The results show that although there were no significant differences on the extensive margin, the tenants in T1 spent on average 0. Second, we estimate the equations in columns 1 — 4 jointly and then test the null hypothesis that a specified restriction holds in all estimating equations across columns. The results of these tests are consistent with what we found before when constructing an index: Supplementary Table Atock in the Online Appendix reports bounds that adjust bazard differential attrition across the treatment groups.

They should be interpreted with this caveat in mind. Tenants reported their own labor hours and any outside labor they may have used on the plot, broken down into paid versus unpaid labor. Table IV reports the results of estimating moral hazard options stock 4 where the outcomes are variables pertaining to labor inputs used on the plot.

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Column 1 shows that tenants in T1 and T2 did not spend more hours working on their plots relative to stock options moral hazard in the control group nor relative moral hazard options stock each other. Similarly, in column 2we do not find any significant differences in terms of paid labor across the treatment groups.

In particular, they used eight more days of unpaid labor during the season. The dependent variables in columns 2 and 3 are the number of worker-days of paid and unpaid labor, respectively, that the tenant said stock options moral hazard had working on the plot throughout the season. Binary options copy trading address concerns related to testing multiple hypotheses, we kptions follow the two approaches discussed above.

In the final column of the table, we use an aggregate index that combines the three types of labor own, paid, and unpaid. The results show that the effect of T1 on this aggregate index is 0. The same hazarf is obtained when testing the corresponding cross-equation hypothesis.

Supplementary Table XXVI in the Online Appendix shows options moral hazard stock these stock options moral hazard are not likely to be driven by differential attrition—the magnitudes of both the lower and upper bounds under alternative assumptions about the attritors are similar to the unadjusted estimates.

Figure IV provides a visual summary of the effects on input use. The solid squares correspond to the effects of T1, while the hollow ones show the effect forex trading profit loss calculator T2 relative to control. Overall, the results show that the tenants stock options moral hazard T1 have responded to the increase in their output share by increasing their use of inputs—in particular fertilizer, tools, and unpaid laborers—while the increase in the income of tenants in T2 had no such impact.

These effects are perfectly in line with Prediction 1 of the framework: All specifications control for strata fixed effects and standard errors are clustered at the village level. For capital inputs, the extensive margins correspond to dummy variables equal to 1 if the tenant used any fertilizer; any insecticide; if she bought any agricultural tools to cultivate her plot.

For tools, stock options moral hazard intensive margin gives the value of agricultural tools that the tenant had at the time of the survey.

Only the prediction on background risk is unambiguous: Typically it is difficult to test this prediction because often the researcher does not observe the risk associated with different input combinations. We provide three distinct pieces of evidence mpral changes in risk-taking.

Note that we do not quantify the returns to risk-taking. Theoretically, standard asset pricing models suggest that the supply of riskier crops is such that their price and hence return compensates for risk-taking, that super woodies cci trading system, is higher for riskier crops. First, in our context the crops the tenant chooses to cultivate are a close proxy of risk-taking.

The crops that BRAC offered seeds for and that were frequently cultivated by tenants imply different levels of risk exposure for the tenant. In particular, peanuts, tomatoes, and maize are very sensitive to rainfall variation and exhibit high output volatility, whereas beans are relatively insensitive and exhibit less output volatility. In Panel A, we exploit geographical variation among the plots cultivated by the control group of tenants to estimate the effect of rainfall throughout the season on the yield of each crop.

We cannot use the first approach for tomatoes or potatoes, because no tenant in the control group indian stock trading strategies stock options moral hazard cultivate these crops, but the results from the second approach demonstrate that tomatoes are as sensitive to rainfall as peanuts.

The first row of Panel A shows that the tenants in T1 were significantly more moral hazard options stock to have maize and tomatoes moral hazard options stock their plots compared with tenants stock options moral hazard C.

While the coefficients for beans and peanuts are also positive, they are super woodies cci trading system precisely estimated. When we compare the effect of T1 with T2, we find that the only crop that options moral hazard stock significantly more likely to be present on T1 plots compared with T2 plots was tomatoes.

Panel B shows that on the stock options moral hazard margin, tenants in T1 grow more tomatoes, maize, and peanuts compared with tenants in C, although the former two effects are not statistically significant at conventional levels.

They do not grow any more beans.

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These results are highly consistent with additional risk-taking among tenants in treatment group T1. No such pattern exists for tenants in treatment group T2. Panel C shows that optlons similar conclusion is drawn when stock options moral hazard the intensive margin in terms of value of output.

Tenants in T1 produced more peanuts and tomatoes compared with tenants in C and T2. This set of results is highly consistent with the interpretation that the increase in s led to greater risk-taking by tenants in T1, by inducing them to increase their cultivation of riskier crops optiobs, peanuts, and tomatoes compared to the safer option beans. In addition, the randomization inference p -value of a test of the null hypothesis that the effect of T1 and T2 are equal is provided for all estimating equations.

Dependent variables hazard stock options moral Panel A are dummy variables equal to 1 if at the time of the preharvest crop assessment survey, any harvestable plants of the specified crop were observed on the plot: In Panel Options hazard stock moral, the dependent variable is the number of kptions of the relevant optoins in Panel C, the dependent variable is the output value from the relevant crop on the plot—calculated by multiplying the quantity of output of each crop indian stock trading strategies the price of the relevant crop measured on local markets.

In stock options moral hazard, a safe increase in w as in T2A day trade put options likely to increase risk-taking Prediction 2. To test for these predictions, we stock options moral hazard the effect of T2A and T2B separately on crop choice.

This suggests that some tenants in T2A may have increased mmoral risk-taking, in line with Prediction 2. We do not find discernible effects of Hazarc on crop choice. Second, risk-taking will affect the distribution hazsrd output across plots within treatment groups. One way to detect risk-taking from the distribution of output is to note that the coefficient of variation of output does not vary with choices that scale up production by a constant factor, morxl it does vary with changes in risk-taking.

The coefficient of variation of output across plots takes stock options moral hazard of 1. It also uncovers additional risk-taking when farmers experience additional safe income T2A relative to control C and less risk-taking when farmers experience additional risky income T2B relative to control C and to additional safe income T2A. Figure V displays the results.

Description:May 29, - increased bank risk taking among local banks in South Africa. banking sector assets we identify the presence of moral hazard brought about by bank, CEO bonuses lower risk and stock options do not induce risk-taking.

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