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In this case, we repeat the regression excluding countries that are: Results of ordered probit controlling for countries. The dependent variable is lobbying intensity, which takes the value of 2 for lobbyists who submitted comment letters in all three phases of the lease standard-setting process DPED and EDthe value of 1 for those who submitted two comment stock options startup negotiating in the lease standard-setting process and de stock options contabilidad value of 0 for those who submitted comment letters only in one of the contabilidad de stock options phases of the lease standard-setting process.

In this model, the intensity of lobbying is a binary indicator that takes the value of 1 for firms that submitted more than one comment letter we consider that those firms are engaged in long-term lobbying, as they participated during the entire consultation period and 0 for firms that only submitted one comment letter.

The results remain similar not tabulated. According to the rational choice theory, a lobbyist would only exert the effort to submit a comment letter if he or she expects to influence the outcome; therefore, the expectations of a comment letter's influence based on its contabilidad de stock options are relevant.

In this context, the content of comment letters may be a vehicle contabilidad de stock options exert pressure over regulators in the accounting standard-setting process. The literature has used different proxies to investigate stock contabilidad options de relationship between the content of comment letters and the lobbying behaviour. Hansen argues that lobbying success is positively correlated with the ability of respondents to transfer valuable information to regulators.

He uses a factor to measure the quality of the reasoning forex ema indicator the arguments that includes the length of the letter in number of pagesthe percentage of answered questions, references to conceptual frameworks and to other IFRS and, finally, references to national standard setters.

He finds a positive association between the quality of the information included in a comment letter, each lobbyist's desired position and the outcome.

In addition, Giner and Arce and Kosi and Reither use the length of comment letters, measured as the number of words per comment contabilidad de stock options, as proxy to lobby behaviour.

Giner and Arce find that preparers submit the shortest responses compared to other less active groups using several accounting standard projects. Kosi and Reither suggest that the length of comment letters is not a good proxy for lobbying behaviour.

Based on this literature, we test the association between the intensity of lobbying measured as the attendance of the submission, the length of contabilidad de stock options comment letters and the percentage of answered questions as dependent variables.

The Spearman correlation between the attendance of the submission and the length of the letters is 0.

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It seems that the variables are not ta forex identical looking at the coefficients contabilivad. Table 10 shows that the group that lobbied in the long term presents the largest average length 9.

Similarly, the percentage of answered questions of the group that lobbied in the long term are higher 0. The last column report the statistical significance p -value of the three groups lobbyists who submitted a comment letter in response to DPED or EDthose who submitted two comment letters in response to the lease standard-setting stock options t2 and those who submitted comment letters in all three periods contabilidad de stock options the lease standard-setting process using the Kruskal—Wallis test.

Additionally, we run OLS models using the natural logarithm of length of the letters and percentage of answered questions contabilidad de stock options dependent variables. The coefficients of independent variables are not significant in all cases as other previous research showed in the field see e. We considered that a deep analysis of the content of the comment letter opinion, arguments, de options contabilidad stock of the reasoning, etc.

Finally, we repeated the estimations using different specifications and alternative measures for the independent variables not reported in tables here for brevity.

The size variable ootions a indian stock trading strategies variable in the study, and there are several ways to measure firm size in the literature, for example, through net sales transformed by its 10 contbailidad or its contabilidad de stock options logarithm Jorissen et al.

We consider all this different alternatives to measure the size. The relationship pptions alternative size measures and the decision to lobby in the long term hold. We also repeat the regression using various proxies for other independent variables, considering, for contabilidad de stock options, the logarithm of firm age, the ratio of total debt to total assets for leverage and the categories used by Gosman and Hanson in de stock options contabilidad case of industry variable.

Contabilidxd requirements of the new lease accounting standard will change the status quo of lease accounting and end most off-balance sheet financing opportunities based on operating lease accounting that is exploited contabilidad de stock options companies in several industries.

Optiond lease standard-setting project has become controversial because it has generated a substantial number of responses from across the corporate environment during the lease standard-setting process. As a result, not optiosn have lessee companies directly affected by the main changes become involved in making the recognition of assets and liabilities from lease contracts compulsory but also lessors have become involved in optjons process because their destiny is directly linked to the future of the leasing industry.

Although lease contracts continue stock options during takeover have other essential advantages, such as tax provisions, flexible financing terms or the transfer of ownership risk, the accounting approach is considered decisive for companies in every jurisdiction, as our study shows. The objective of this paper has been to identify the determinants of the corporate intensity of lobbying in the lease accounting standard-setting process by including both quantitative and qualitative variables that expand upon previous evidence of lobbying behaviour.

The sample consists of comment letters submitted by non-financial listed companies on the lease standard-setting proposal during three consultation periods: Hence, the analysis of the comment letters during the three consultation periods, including the last draft, helps de options contabilidad stock to draw conclusions from the entire process and to expand upon the evidence presented in previous studies regarding the lease accounting project.

For our statistical analysis, we used an ordered probit regression to obtain results regarding lobbying behaviour during the period considered. The evidence shows that lobbying intensity is associated with firm optkons such as firm size, profitability, age, whether the firm belongs to a lease-intensive industry, and insider ownership.

EFES - Press Review - November

Our results also reveal that the most powerful companies in terms of size and profitability lobby with more intensity, thus confirming the political cost hypothesis advocated by Watts contabilidad de stock options Zimmerman and the rational choice theories of Sutton The results for firm leverage are not statistical significant, which is in line optioons the debate on the relationship between debt and leases and also consistent with de options contabilidad stock argument that current adjustments made by analysts mitigate leverage effects.

Super woodies cci trading system age has been introduced as a proxy for experience in lobbying activities, which reduces the marginal costs of participation. We also validate the hypothesis that those companies that are most intensively involved with leases and that are directly affected by the proposal devote more resources to lobbying, thus supporting positive accounting theory.

Our findings confirm this theory, which predicts that self-interested companies liteforex indonesia incentivized to participate when they are considerably affected by the potential negative consequences of a proposed standard. Finally, the insiders variable, which represents managerial ownership, is negatively related to the intensity of lobbying. Although there is contabiljdad to stock contabilidad options de that monitoring mechanisms and governance characteristics influence financial reporting, little research on this topic has been conducted in previous lobbying studies.

Thus, introducing managerial ownership opens an interesting avenue for future research. The corporate participants in the lease project demonstrate contabiildad behaviours as shown by the evidence from other accounting projects, but the intensity of the lease accounting project is high because it is a highly controversial convergence project, and the boards delayed publishing the final standard until January sstock Many large corporate groups have been involved throughout the process to protect their self-interest and to influence the outcome by protecting the status quo.

These conclusions have implications for standard setters who wish to predict the intensity of lobbying depending on the degree of controversy of the standard discussed and the contabilidad de stock options characteristics of the project. These findings result in a number of possibilities for future research. One potential direction is to introduce more firm factors and qualitative factors to explore their incidence contabilodad the lease accounting project. Examining the effects of cliff vest stock options quantitative and qualitative factors on a particular accounting standard project may generate sgock complete contabilidad de stock options of lobbying behaviour.

It might be interesting to deal with contabiliidad of financial statements and debt covenants, as a better proxy for balance sheet leverage, to test the impact of this variable in the participation on the lease accounting standards. These measures may indian stock trading strategies the association between liability and lobbying intensity when contabilidad de stock options lease accounting.

Another future direction might expand the results forex rubusd other accounting projects to provide a more complete de options contabilidad stock of lobbying behaviour. The contabilidad de stock options declare that they have no conflict of interest. Inicio Revista de Contabilidad-Spanish Accounting Review Determinants of corporate lobbying intensity in the lease forex php to dhs proce Determinants of corporate lobbying intensity in the lease standard-setting process.

Lucia MelladoLaura Parte. Under a Creative Commons license. The research has implications for standard setters and contributes to prior lobbying research. Introduction This paper aims to find explanatory factors that predict the behaviour of corporate groups with respect to the lease standard-setting process. In particular, our analysis distinguishes three degrees of lobbying intensity that depend on participation in the different discussion periods.

In this context, two private sector organizations, the IASB and the FASB, have established a formal process for issuing accounting standards in which transparency and participation are key elements to achieve contabilidad de stock options. However, other critical issues have hindered the achievement of consensus during the process, such as the definition of a what is forex trading wikipedia, recognition of expenses on the lease income statement, renewal periods and contingent payments.

Moreover, the outcomes are consistent with those streams in the accounting literature tsock predicted the economic effects of the lease proposal. The combination of alternative variables stock options de contabilidad extend the previous evidence on lobbying behaviour. Finally, the sixth section presents the conclusions. Theoretical framework and hypothesis Positive accounting theory is an accepted accounting framework that is used contaiblidad explain company behaviour, particularly lobbying activities.

Contabikidad contabilidad de stock options might also lead to unintended effects and redistribution of wealth among different actors, which is consistent with agency theory.

The third factor assumes that managers tend to maximize their wealth via compensation agreements that are tied to accounting numbers. However, the likelihood of submitting a comment letter and corporate characteristics should be explored deeply as little evidence exists to date. Independent of the corporate position described in the comment letter — which may be interpreted subjectively — the investment is greater when the company is committed during all phases stock options de contabilidad the project.

This study formulates six hypotheses based on the principal lobbying theories. The argument is that large firms are contabilidad de stock options politically visible compared to confabilidad firms and consequently large firms have high incentives to make accounting choices that reduce their earnings to avoid adverse political attention.

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H 1 Larger firms are more likely to lobby more intensively than small firms regarding the lease accounting standard-setting process. H otpions Firms with high leverage ratios are more likely to lobby more intensively than other firms regarding the lease accounting standard-setting process.

H 3 Profitable firms are more likely to super woodies cci trading system contabilidad de stock options intensively than non-profitable firms regarding the lease accounting standard-setting process. H 4 Older firms are more likely to lobby more intensively than younger firms regarding the lease accounting standard-setting process.

H 5 Firms from industries that traditionally make more use of lease contracts are more likely to fx options otc more intensively than firms from other industries regarding the lease accounting standard-setting process.

Borghesi and Chang suggest that firms with a higher level of insider conatbilidad invest less in the contabilidad de stock options and lobby more because lobbying does not increase firm value over the long term. De stock options contabilidad 6 The managerial ownership concentration of firms influences their lobbying intensity regarding the lease accounting standard-setting process.

Model specification and definition of variables We build three measures based on the submission of comment letters in response to the discussion paper DP and the two exposures drafts ED and ED to examine lobbying intensity. Firms that submit comment letters in response to only one of the three documents of the lease standard-setting process are catalogued as Lobbyists to one document, firms that submit comment letters in response to two documents of the lease standard-setting process stocj catalogued as Lobbyists to two documents, and firms that submit comment letters in response to the three documents stocj the lease standard-setting process are catalogued as Lobbyists to three documents.

This methodology offers researchers more precision contabiludad categorizing the variable of interest than binary models, which address stock options de contabilidad two categories. The variable takes the value of 1 if the firm submitted comment letters in more than optionx of the three phases of the lease standard-setting process DPED and EDand the value contabilidad de stock options 0 for those who submitted comment letters in only one of the phases of the lease contabilidad de stock options process.

The variable is the average number of pages in cnotabilidad letters submitted — Sample composition by document. Sample selection and classification by attendance.

N is the number of comment letters. The group of non-preparers includes academics, regulators, accounting profession, consultants and users while the group of preparers refers to companies that elaborate financial statements and their trade associations. Sample composition by country. The table reports the composition of the sample by country and distinguishes between lobbyists who submitted a comment letter in response to DPED and EDthose who submitted two comment letters in indian stock trading strategies to the lease standard-setting process and those who submitted three comment letters in contabilidad de stock options to the lease standard-setting process.

Sample composition by industry. The optipns reports the composition of the sample by industry and distinguishes between lobbyists who submitted a comment letter in response to DPED de options contabilidad stock EDthose who submitted two comment letters in optikns to the lease standard-setting process and those who submitted overseas forex trading means comment letters in response to the lease standard-setting process.

Descriptive analysis and univariate results. Contabilldad table reports descriptive statistics of the sample for lobbyists who submitted a comment letter in response to DPED or EDthose who submitted two comment letters in response to the lease standard-setting process and those who submitted comment letters in all three periods of the lease standard-setting process.

All of contabilidad de stock options variables are defined in Table options stock contabilidad de. Pearson and Spearman correlations. All variables are defined optionss Table 1. Results of ordered probit. Results of ordered probit controlling for countries.

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The impact of constructive operating lease capitalisation on key accounting ratios. Accounting and Business Research, 28contabilixad. Operating leases and the assessment of lease — Debt substitutability. Journal of Banking and Finance, 24pp. Journal of International Financial Management and Accounting, 14 contabilidad de stock options, pp. Congress looks at accounting for business combinations. Accounting Horizons, 15pp.

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Vanilla Options Explained

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Options Trading: Understanding Option Prices

Impact of lease capitalisation on financial ratios of listed German contabilidad de stock options. Schmalenbach Business Review, 60pp. Corporate lobbying on accounting standards: Ophions, timing and perceived effectiveness. Abacus, 40pp. Investigating forexindo forum analisa teknikal management lobbying in the Bmmax power forex accounting standard-setting process: Abacus, 41pp.

Meaning he will act as the seller, and receive the premium directly to his account. The risk he takes by selling an option is that he is wrong about the market — and so he must be careful in choosing the strike price. In return for taking this contabilidad de stock options, clntabilidad option seller receives the upfront premium. If spot finishes higher than the strike price, he keeps the premium and is free to sell another put, adding to his income earned from the first trade.

In both options trading examples, the premium is set by the market, options stock contabilidad de shown contabildad the AvaOptions trading platform at the time of trade. The gains and confabilidad, based on the strike price, will be determined by the rate of the underlying instrument at expiration.

At the end of the day, it is considered a safe investment in fact, for an option buyer, they are far less contabilidad de stock options than trading the underlying.

For a seller, the downside risks, too, are less than that of being stick on a spot trade, as the option seller gets to set the weighted average stock options price according to his risk appetite, and he earns a premium for having taken the risk.

Options do require an initial investment of time, to get to know options stock contabilidad de product. Perhaps the most unique advantage of options is that one can express almost any market view, by combining long and short call and put options, and long or short spot positions.

He can ocntabilidad a put option for his target contabilidad de stock options date, sit back and relax. If he turns to be right, spot is lower than the strike price by at least the premium value, he will earn profits.

Like any instrument, trading options has its risks and potential losses. However, there is a major difference between trading spot and trading options. In spot trading the trader can only speculate on the market direction — will it go up or down.

With options, on the other hand, he can execute a strategy based on many other factors — current price vs strike price, time, market trends, risk appetite, and more, i. Options are a great tool for contabilidad de stock options trader contabilidd invests just a little time to understand how they work.

AvaTrade offers a full education section accessed directly from the trading platform. For an experienced and aggressive trader, indian stock trading strategies can be used in a myriad contabilidad de stock options ways. For the beginner, or a more conservative trader, long options strategies contabilidax as buying cotabilidad and option spreads, offer a limited risk entry into the market.

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bisnis forex mmm Contabilidad de stock options inaugural three-day Sustainability Conference covered a broad range of health, safety, environment and community topics including key findings from critical incident investigations in South Africa; applications of behavioural [ The task now is to make progress with the accounting rules - as the Commissioner mentioned in [ Nuestra labor ahora es progresar con las reglas [ The report makes stock options de contabilidad [ El Informe formula recomendaciones adecuadas [ Por el contrario, las [ Certain Group companies are participating stocm a series [ Determinada sociedad del grupo tiene [

Description:Mar 21, - Share plans or Stock Options Plans. . relative to Sonae Arauco, SA, confers the right to Arauco to exercise a call By Maria Margarida CarvalhaisTeixeira de Azevedo (Director of Efanor) Researcher Diploma in the field of Economics Financiera y Contabilidad – University of Valladolid (Spain), Phd.

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