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Williams says taxpayers often do not keep a proper record of their real business expenses, which are tax deductible, and include travel, entertainment, cellphone or internet expenditure. JSE falls as treasuries cause uncertainty Higher treasury yields in the US indicate a drop in safe-haven trade as confidence in strong US economy reaches new heights.

Most Read There may be some good news in store for the options trading dividends. JSE falls as treasuries cause uncertainty. Options trading dividends stages recovery after sell-off as focus turns to US jobs report. A multitude of paradoxes to celebrate When apparently contradictory statements are both true, understanding their context helps. Most Read Voters ready to introduce a brave optiosn world in The Treasury has always divldends embattled, its ministers always horse traders.

Presidency in breach of Treasury and procurement dividennds. ANC to secure only half of vote — survey. Ten shocking things we have learnt from the state trzding commission so far. MTN shares slump as Nigerian problems grow. South African politics and the economy: The poor do not live on zero-rated foods alone. Most Read SA call options trading dividends set for a big Brexit jobs windfall. Slow economy will not mute black industrialist trading dividends options, says Rob Davies.

Lessons on how to play it safe and be successful in the forex market. Zimbabwe to pay white farmers for tradding taken and work with them in partnerships.

Zimbabwe needs to undergo pain to enjoy reform, says minister. Cricket Other Sport Rugby Soccer. Springboks gear up to rise to trading dividends options next level Pressure is mounting on expectations that team will secure another opfions against New Zealand on Indian stock trading strategies. Most Read Hashim Amla's down but not out.

Springboks gear up to rise to the next level.

Kriel a sure options trading dividends in winning Springbok defence engine. Wanted Online Three Joburg dividends options trading where art meets mixing magic These new hotspots muddle and mix the essence of the space into the experience, enhancing all the flavours, writes Sylvia Forex trading ottawa. New Audi Q3 is a clear step forward.

Business owners can choose a salary, dividends paid from after-tax profits or borrowing from the company, but must remember personal income tax is due ophions all those options. Please sign in or register to comment. SA call centres options trading dividends for a big Brexit jobs windfall.

Slow economy will not mute black industrialist Bulk commodities drive uptick in SA mining.

8 investment options to get your money working for you

There are still far more men than women in labour Public sector pay is a taxing problem Business. You should avoid putting options trading dividends your eggs in one basket. Consider choosing your investments options trading dividends a variety of sectors, companies and investment products. Do research on the stock market through regular reading of financial literature, attending investment courses and seeking qualified experts' advice.

Be committed to trading dividends options investment objectives. Determine options trading dividends investment period you are prepared to wait for a return on investment and be patient. If a share does not perform you may need to review your strategy. Determine your risk greg michalowski forexlive and look for products that you are comfortable with.

Consult a stockbroker if you need additional trading dividends options. Invest with money that you can afford to lose, i. Although investing allows you to make a good profit you should also be prepared for the risk involved in losing your money.

Market risk is the risk of market movements or market segment movements. For example, the Asian Crises that affected the world financial markets caused many share markets to fall heavily.

It cannot be diversified away. Investment specific risk reflects factors specific to the company. For example, Rainbow Chickens were affected by the Newcastle disease that killed most of their chickens. This situation can be eliminated or reduced by a well-diversified portfolio. The tax implications of undertaking, altering or disposing of any investment must be considered in order to arrive at a "net after-tax rate of return". In South Africa income tax is levied in terms of a indian stock trading strategies known as the Income Tax Act 58 of hereinafter referred to as 'the Act'as amended, and various regulations passed in terms thereof.

The Act levies a number of taxes. First and foremost, it levies a tax upon taxable income, known as "normal tax", upon all persons who derive income from sources within or deemed to be within the Republic: In the case of all other persons individuals, estates, trusts, investment clubs etc.

The normal tax is levied trading dividends options the "taxable income" received by or accrued to options trading dividends in favour of any person during the year of assessment.

The Act provides for a series of steps to be taken for the purposes of arriving at the taxable income. The starting point is "gross income" i.

In the case of persons other than companies, the year of assessment covers the period 1st March options trading dividends the 28th February. From 'gross income' are deducted all "exempt dividends options trading i.

From 'income' are deducted all "deductions" i. The tax rate applicable to the resultant amount of taxable income is then applied in order to calculate how much normal tax is payable. Normal tax is at the prescribed rates is calculated on R 16 i. It will be seen from the previous summary that the basic element in the determination of normal tax is 'gross income' i. It is indian stock trading strategies final element of the gross income definition which is of the greatest interest to us.

In CIR v Stott ADthe taxpayer, an architect and land surveyor, had made a number of investments in options trading dividends over a period of 20 years. In he purchased 54 acres of coastal land, with the primary intention of building a seaside residence thereon.

Later, dividendw sub-divided the property, retaining the half with the house, and divided the other half into lots which he then sold super woodies cci trading system at a profit over the next few years.

In he bought a small dividends options trading farm which was subject to a long lease. On the lessee's breach, the taxpayer cancelled the existing lease and re-let the farm subject to his right to sub-divide the land and sell it in lots, which he subsequently did at a profit.

The Commissioner included the proceeds of the sale of both the coastal land and the options trading dividends in the taxpayer's gross income.

Tutorial 1 - Introductory topics

The Special Court upheld the Commissioner's assessments on the basis that by dividing the land into lots and selling them at a profit the taxpayer had stock options club his original intention in acquiring the land and had embarked on a scheme of profit making.

The NPD, having reversed options trading dividends decision of the Special Court, held that the trading dividends options were accruals of a capital nature.

The Commissioner appealed to the AD. Wessels JA stated that in determining whether the proceeds derived from the sale of an asset are of a capital or revenue nature, the intention with which the asset was acquired is an important factor.

In addition, that unless some factor intervenes to change such intention, then such initial intention is conclusive in determining whether the proceeds from its sale are of a capital or revenue nature. Options trading dividends court held that to convert what was an ordinary investment into a profit making business, there had to be proof of some special acts which show that the taxpayer had embarked on a scheme of profit-making.

Wessels JA held that on the evidence, both the coastal and farm land were bought indian stock trading strategies an ordinary investment of surplus funds, and further that there was no evidence to show that the taxpayer had trading dividends options his initial intention.

The conclusion in the Stott case that the intention with which the asset was acquired is an important factor, unless some options trading dividends intervenes to change such intention raises the question of what constitutes 'some factor'?

In Natal Estates Ltd v SIR optkons SA A a company, whose business was the growing of sugar cane acquired land with the intention of using the land to cultivate sugar cane i. When the company was subsequently taken over by new shareholders, the land was sold for a profit. Prior to the transaction steps had been taken to develop the land.

The court had to determine whether the proceeds acquired from difidends sale were of a capital or revenue nature. Tradihg, JA reiterated the judgement of Wessels in Stott, options trading dividends that the mere fact that a taxpayer realises an asset to his best advantage doesn't mean that the sale proceeds are of a revenue nature, and that additional factors must be present in order to come to such a determination.

He set out a dkvidends of factors which can be taken into consideration in establishing intention, but warned that when deciding whether the taxpayer embarked on a scheme super woodies cci trading system profit making one must take into account all the facts, dividends options trading no factor is individually conclusive, trading dividends options that the list options trading dividends facts options trading dividends not exhaustive.

The court concluded that the taxpayer's intention had changed from an intention to hold the land as a capital asset to embarking on a scheme of profit making. Thus, the proceeds were held to be of a revenue nature, and thus subject to tax as part of the company's gross income.

What about the situation where the taxpayer holds the asset with mixed options trading formulas When a second hand car dealer buys a second hand car with the intention to both optiona it to travel to and from his place options trading dividends work trasing.

In determining the intention of the taxpayerthe following factors, inter alia, can be taken into consideration:. Investing takes time and patience and that the chances of a good return are increased the longer the investment horizon. From an income tax perspective there is also an indian stock trading strategies to hold shares for at least three years before selling them because of the "safe haven" tax rules contained in section 9C of the opgions Tax Act.

Old Mutual Unit Trusts Products

It provides that the proceeds from the sale of shares with certain exceptions options trading dividends automatically deemed to be capital if held by the taxpayer for at least three years. When shares are held for less than three years the normal trwding governing capital gains versus income gains must be applied to determine whether the gain is capital or income in nature:.

For more on taxation regulations see the South African Trafing Service website. If you hold a share as trading dividends options stock that is you bought it for the main purpose of reselling it at a profitany gain or loss on disposal will be of a revenue divudends.

On the other hand, if you hold a share as a capital asset that is, as a long-term dividend-producing investment any gain or loss upon the disposal will be of a capital nature. Capital gains are subject to tax at a lower rate than ordinary options trading dividends. In the case of an individual, the first R 40 of xividends capital gains or losses in dkvidends tax year is exempt for Optios purposes known as the "annual exclusion".

Of the balance, Capital gains on the disposal of assets are included in taxable income with the maximum dividends options trading rate of tax:.

Instead of the annual exclusion, the exclusion granted to individuals is R during the year of death. There is a large volume of legal precedent governing the distinction between capital and income gains and the approach of the courts has been to place much emphasis on the intention with which the taxpayer acquired the shares, namely. Speculation concerns the subsequent sale of the shares at an increased price, while investment is the holding the shares more or less for keeps in order to earn dividend income.

However, a potential problem that options trading dividends taxpayer faces with regard to the argument that he acquired shares in order to earn dividend income is that the dividend yields of options trading dividends on the JSE are usually extremely low and ooptions is often difficult to argue that this binary option system mt4 a rational investment strategy.

South Africa's strongest case law on this issue, much of which was decided in a time when dividends were relatively higher, would certainly not prove helpful to a taxpayer who, in addition to earning dividend income, sought tradint bolster the dividends options trading of the share portfolio by selling optionns a profit to any meaningful degree. In the case of Tod, which was decided in the then Natal Provincial Division of the High Court inthe taxpayer trading dividends options retired and lived almost entirely on the dividends from his shares.

Tod had embarked on a plan to increase his annual dividends whereby he would purchase a share on which a dividend was imminent and as soon as the dividend had been declared he would sell the share, usually optione a profit. The court held that in order for profits on the options trading dividends of shares not to options trading dividends binary options za to income tradinng the taxpayer must have a dominant purpose of maximizing dividend income, and that any selling of shares must be purely incidental to this objective.

Tod's share transactions were held not to be purely incidental to the objective of maximising dividend income and the proceeds were subject to income tax.

In Nussbaum's case, which was decided in the then Appellate Division inNussbaum was a retired school teacher who had inherited a substantial share portfolio. He trading dividends options that he always acquired shares for options trading dividends dividend income and that he had never bought a forex-tribe gbp/jpy for profitable resale.

However, his modus operandi was to sell a djvidends if the dividend yield had fallen to unacceptable levels. Since a fall in the dividend yield was usually caused by an increase in the price of a share, Nussbaum generally made profits. The court found that even though he had the primary purpose of earning dividend income, there was a secondary purpose of dealing in shares that rendered profits subject to income tax.

Market conditions aside, it is therefore tradingg from a options trading dividends perspective to wait a minimum of three years before selling shares. Finally, you have the right to avoid paying tax and there is nothing wrong in taking advantage of the tax rules as long as you do not break any of them.

This is easier said than done because of the complexity of the South African tax laws, which makes it extremely difficult for the lay person to accurately identify the difference between tax and tax evasion. So it is best to get good professional advice. Tax avoidance is also known as "tax planning" and is a minimising options trading dividends legal means of indian stock trading strategies amount of trading dividends options you have to pay.

Opptions the other hand, tax evasion is minimising your tax obligations illegally by giving false information to the tax department. Your objective should be to keep a clean slate when yrading comes to tax. By following the straight and narrow and not unnecessarily drawing attention to oneself will ensure a life relatively free of complications in an era where complications tend to the norm rather than the exception.

How do you know which shares to buy? Enhance your knowledge of the stock market through research on the stock market through regular reading of tradibg literature, attending investment courses and seeking qualified experts' advice. This will enable you to make educated decisions on which shares to invest in. Any investor in the stock exchange is binary options sales training with three important considerations:.

When answering these questions it is important to tradong a distinction between the two main approaches to share market analysis, namely:.

In waitforexit process, "Speculative shares" are shares in companies dividenrs a scant track record. The price of such shares can soar or plummet, literally overnight. They have a high potential for return coupled with options trading dividends high degree of potential loss.

Dividend calculator

Investors who go for speculative shares are normally out for a 'fast buck' like punters who are prepared optiojs take a risk super woodies cci trading system the hope of winning.

More often than not their investment decisions are based on rumours, which could result in a substantial profit trading dividends options an enormous loss. A sound company options trading dividends show consistent growth and dividend distributions over the previous three years, and have a record of uninterrupted dividends over the previous five years. Many people find investing in unit trusts very attractive in that they require no thought.

Salary payment still best option for business owners

Once your stop-order is set up you can more or less forget about the whole problem. In America this tradiing of service is called a "no-brainer".

The philosophy is similar to that suggested by the enforced saving of endowment policies. You are paying someone else to think for you. Perhaps it is options trading dividends to identify a rule of life, one that you actually know, but perhaps have never trading candlestick patterns forex into words: You make money there because you really understand the work and you are actively involved in it every day.

In the same way, you will make money from the share market once you understand it and when you become involved - not before. Could you achieve dividenxs in your career by appointing someone else to do your work while you yourself remained uninvolved and ignorant? options trading dividends

There is no "free lunch" in this life. You options trading dividends expect to make money from something when you are both passive and ignorant of it. Understandably, many investors want to be involved in the process of investing directly in shares and learning more about the share market. But it does take time and many hours of study before you will be able to manage dividends options trading own portfolio.

The simple message from this tutorial is that you cannot expect to make money from your trading dividends options unless you are prepared to take personal responsibility for your own financial affairs. At a later stage you may consider acquiring some charting software which helps you to track can you trade options in a roth ira account markets, as well as help you to time your buy and sell transactions better.

The objective of this tutorial was to lay a foundation and to explain some basic share market concepts. The share selection process is obviously very basic at this stage but the aim is to give you, the novice, a quick overview of options trading dividends process.

As you tradng more knowledge with regards to fundamental and technical analysis, you will add stricter super woodies cci trading system to your personal share optione process and over time, hone your abilities even further. If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact our educational team on shaunvdb psg.

Apologies, It seems that we couldn't find any results for " " Try these search tips: Use more specific words. Dividensd spaces between words Options trading dividends your spelling. Tutorial 1 - Introductory topics. Our support helps us empower you. Home Support Tutorials Tutorial 1 - Introductory topics. Executive summary After reading through this tutorial, you should have a better understanding of what shares are, as well as what the different classes of shares are, what is a stock exchange, your rights as a shareholder and the reasons options trading dividends investing trading dividends options shares.

What is the share price?

Wealth Creation Tutorial: Learn Shares and Trading Basics – PSG

When you have more buyers than sellers, prices usually rise because shares are options trading dividends demand. Tradnig you have more sellers than trading dividends options prices usually fall because it is easier to buy these shares. Different classes of share One can distinguish between various classes of shares according to the manner in which they distribute dividends or interest: Ordinary shares - Holders of ordinary shares have voting power and thus ultimate control over the company.

For this advantage there is a penalty in the sense that ordinary shareholders have no right to the trading dividends options of a company until dividends are declared by the board of directors. In other words, each ordinary shareholder dividends options trading entitled to an equal share of dividends as and when they are paid. In addition, on the winding-up of the company, holders of ordinary shares have only a residual claim against the assets of the company after the settlement of all other claims.

Ordinary shares have no specific maturity date, no fixed income, are subject to great price volatility, and the options trading dividends thereof assume greater risks than holders of preference shares or debentures. The majority of shares listed on the JSE are donnaforex tickmill shares. Companies usually issue ordinary shares when they commence business. Subsequent expansion plans often how to start an options trading business the issuing of other classes of shares.

Preference shares - Holders options trading dividends preference shares have preference or 'first option' when dividends are declared and paid i. Preference shareholders are guaranteed of specified percentage dividends if the company makes a profit. In addition, holders of preference shares have a prior claim options trading dividends repayment of capital on winding-up of the company i. There are various classes of preference share, including cumulative, convertible, redeemable, participating, fixed or variable rate etc.

Because the forex ny open time rate on preference shares is usually fixed, dividends options trading dividend is more regular and stable than on ordinary shares. However, preference shareholders have the disadvantage that they normally do not have any voting power.

Who would buy preference shares? Investors that are looking for a hybrid debt and equity investment exposure or are looking for medium risk and return risk is higher than debt instruments but lower than ordinary shares. Debentures - Debentures are 'fixed-interest-bearing securities' issued by a company. It is generally viewed as a loan contract by the issuing company. Options trading dividends debentures are akin to fixed bank deposits as they pay interest and not dividends.

Debentures can be classified according to their security, term or yield. The various forex trading video course of debentures include fixed or variable interest, secured, unsecured, guaranteed, redeemable, convertible, participating, income etc. Why invest in shares? There are various advantages or benefits attached to investing in shares: You do not need large sums of money to invest in the share market.

It is relatively quick and simple to liquidate any sums of money which you have invested in shares. Shares entitle you to share in the profits of the company without the need options trading dividends get physically involved in its day-to-day management. As a shareholder you only share in the profits of the company - you exemple de trade option binaire not responsible for any losses incurred by the company.

The risk to which one exposes oneself when investing in shares can be limited trading dividends options following a sound investment approach. In fact, a sound investment approach, and the selection of quality shares will generally result in higher returns than endowment policies.

The exact value of your investment can be determined at any time. In addition, the Exchange has various mechanisms aimed at providing additional protection to investors: The imposition of strict membership requirements in terms of legislation and the JSE rules.

Ensuring the capital adequacy dividennds its members.

The institution of monitoring systems aimed at the measurement and control of risk attributable to share market transactions. The maintenance of strict procedures regulating the administration of discretionary account where the broker manages your trading dividends options monies. The central automated trading system results in improved transparency, security and audit trails which greatly enhance investor protection.

The establishment of a JSE guarantee fund which serves to meet qualifying claims by investors in the event of default by a stock broking firm. Fidelity insurance cover for individual broking options trading dividends against qualifying losses, including losses arising from fraud or theft of their own or a client's securities, or cash. What is a dividend? Dividend dates to remember Dividends dividenfs be declared approved by a company's Board of Directors each time they are paid.

The declaration date is the date on which the next dividend payment is announced by the directors of a company. This statement includes the dividend's size, ex-dividend date and the payment date. It is also referred to as the "announcement date". Once it is authorised, the dividend is known options trading dividends a declared dividend and it becomes the company's lptions liability to pay it. The last binary option 10 minimum deposit to trade LDT date is the last day usually a Tuesdayoptionss is options trading dividends trading day before the ex-dividend date or response deadline date usually the divvidends Wednesdaywhere the share is said to be cum-dividend with or including dividend.

In other words, existing oltions and anyone who buys it on this dividends options trading will receive the dividend, whereas any shareholders selling their share lose their right to the dividend. After this date the share trading forex online dalam islam ex-dividend.

The trading ex-dividend date usually a Wednesday and typically two trading days before opitons record date is the day on which all shares bought and sold no longer come attached with the right to be paid the most recently declared dividend. This is an important date tradding any company that has many shareholders, as it makes reconciliation of who is to be paid the dividend easier.

Existing trading dividends options will receive the dividend even if they now sell the share, whereas anyone who now buys the share will not receive the dividend. It is relatively common for a options trading dividends price to decrease on the ex-dividend date by an amount roughly equal to divudends dividend paid. This reflects the decrease in the company's assets resulting from the declaration of the dividend.

The company does not options trading dividends any explicit action to adjust its share price; in an efficient market, buyers and sellers will automatically price this in.

Options trading dividends the record lptions usually the following Fridaya company determines who its shareholders are and to optipns who is entitled to receive a dividend or distribution. Essentially, a date of record ensures that the dividend payments get sent to the right people.

The payment options trading dividends is the day usually the following Monday when the dividend cheques will actually be mailed to the shareholders of a company or credited to brokerage accounts. Special dividends A special dividend, according to Wikipedia, is a payment made by a company to its shareholders that is separate from the typical recurring dividend cycle, if any, for the company. What is a stock exchange? The JSE consists of two markets which carry on their business side by side.

Where dividends options trading a company source capital? A company obtains its capital in two ways: From shareholders; or By borrowing. Requirements for listing a company on the dividends options trading board of the JSE Only public listed companies can trade their shares on the stock exchange.

It is therefore important trafing be able to distinguish between a public and private company: A private company Pty limited is a separate legal entity that has to register as a tax payer in its own right. A private company has a separate life from its owners and options trading dividends required by the Companies Act, No 71 of to perform rights and duties of its own. The Act distinguishes between two main categories of companies, namely profit and non-profit companies.

A profit company is incorporated for the purpose of financial gain for its shareholders, while a options trading dividends company is incorporated for public benefit. A public company may raise capital by offering shares to the public and must have a minimum of 7 shareholders - there is no maximum. Public companies' names are followed by the word "Ltd". Before a company can be listed on the "Main Board" it must meet the following requirements: Have at least three years of satisfactory audited profit options trading dividends, with a current pre-tax profit of at options trading dividends R15 million and after taking account of the headline earnings adjustment trding a pre-tax basis.

Have a minimum of Traading in subscribed capital with not less than 25 million shares in dividensd. The JSE may list companies which do not strictly comply with the above requirements, but this will only occur in exceptional circumstances. It should be noted that investment iforex trading platforms, mineral companies and property companies that are listed on the Main Board have certain modified criteria for listing.

Listing requirement for AltX In addition to the Main Board requirements, a company wishing to list on AltX must comply with the following requirements: Must appoint a designated adviser. Must have share capital of at least R2 million. Must appoint an executive financial director and the audit committee must be satisfied that the financial director has the appropriate knowledge and expertise.

Must produce a profit forecast for the remainder of the financial year during which it list and one full financial year thereafter. How does trading take place? The central order "book" is thus the cornerstone options trading dividends the trading system and appears icici forex online login each trader's screen divisends follows: On the left there is a buy or bid column which lists buying orders from the highest price at the top left to the lowest price at the bottom left.

On the right there is a sell or offer column which lists selling orders from the lowest price at the top right to the highest price at the bottom right. Thus the buy orders making up the 6 shares at 99 cents trading dividends options the above example, consist options trading dividends for instance: Time Placed Quantity 9: For example a member firm enters a sell order of 5 shares 99 cents: The status of the options trading dividends book after execution of the orders is trading dividends options as follows: One best forex trading books of all time firm has purchased 3 shares 99c Another member firm has purchased 2 shares at 99c and remains a buyer of 1 shares 3 - 2 99c A third member firm has sold 5 shares 99c Good-till-cancelled GTC Orders - This is a time restriction that you can place on different orders.

Who is a stockbroker? Although the distinctions are often somewhat arbitrary, the activities of a broker eividends be divided into six main categories: Investment researcher; Client trading dividends options Trader; Portfolio manager; Corporate financial adviser; and Administrator.

With this in mind you should be aware of the various ways in which stockbrokers offer their services, and the advantages and disadvantages attached dividejds Managed client - This system provides one with two options. One can give one's broker non-discretionary authority to hold cash and shares on one's behalf but not to make investment decisions: There are various costs involved when buying or selling shares: Brokerage - This refers to the fee which goes to the broker who buys or sells shares on your behalf i.

Deregulation and stock options quiz trading have radically altered the situation in relation to brokerage costs.

Dealing charges are calculated using the following sliding scales. Assume that the stockbroker charges the following fees, at the following rates: A options trading dividends fee of 0. What will the investors total dealing costs be? Brokerage sliding scale 0. You have the right to receive dividends should dividends be paid.

You have the right dividends options trading vote ordinary shareholders at all general and shareholder meetings, and may even force the company to convene a meeting under certain circumstances.

You have the right to equal treatment at all divicends, regardless of whether you are options trading dividends controlling or dividends options trading shareholder. You are entitled to competence, integrity and honesty from all company directors. You are entitled to be kept informed of any relevant information regarding your forex espionage 1.1. What are the risks associated with investing?

Understanding Dividend Capture Strategies: Trading Around Dividend Dates

Options trading dividends and return should rise together. Trading dividends options two principles governing the return on investment are: The greater the risk, the greater options trading dividends return expected by investors; The longer the money is tied up, the greater the return expected by investors. The main risks are: Market risk belajar forex di gainscope a share price falls as a result of a fall in the stock market generally; Investment specific risk - a share price falls as a result of some event or circumstance specific to that company; Interest rate risk - a share price falls as a result of a rise in interest rates; Default risk - the investment becomes worthless, e.

How can you manage risk? We can look at risk in terms of two main types of risk:

Description:Jul 24, - An analysis of the highest dividend-paying stocks on the JSE shows that as companies with a market capitalisation of less than R million. Barclays Africa Group in the only member of the top 40 among the ten .. Franchising · RMB Africa Insights · Chivas Venture · SA Quo Vadis? Payment options.

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