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Posted Sept 16, 2014 Seeking my two sisters: Doris Edith Jackson and Patricia Jackson.My siblings names are Debbie Judy Jean, Billy and Brian Whittaker.Posted Jan 3, 2016 Looking for my birth grandparents, my father, born in 1942 in Toronto, mother Mary Carmel Robinson and adopted father Harvey Leslie Robinson.Cornwall is a city in Eastern Ontario, Canada, and the seat of the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry.Her sister Emma eventually married a Weber in the Markdale area.

They married in North Bay her sister Gladys Stevens \Lewinski she married Henry Lewinski was a witness as well as Alfred South.He drove a small car like an Austin mini or something similar.My grandmother gave birth to my father on Aug 24th 1972 at the Hamilton General Hospital.In Aug 1977 I had a phone call from a lawyer telling me she had passed, I was 17.He was born in the Renfrew Victoria Hospital, located in Renfrew, Ontario.Any assistance on the medical history of the family would be appreciated.If someone knows anything about his life there please contact me.Posted June 3, 2016 Looking for my half sister born in Nov 1966 at Mt Sinai hospital Toronto.

On Feb 1, 1975 to an Ojibway mother in Ontario, and a father that was of English decent, from Vancouver who supposedly never knew my mother was pregnant before he returned to BC after dating her throughout the summer.Posted Feb 8, 2017 Looking for info Sandra M Pebleton Indian River married Gordon South please contact me.Posted Sept 6, 2016 I am also looking for my adopted brother family he was born Jimmy McDonald May 18 1956 St.Thomas ON.No ill intent, simply seeking medical info and family history etc.

My adopted name is David Engel in the last year or so I have come to find out my Birth Name Last Name SCOTT first David According to united States Homeland Security was Scott.You would have lived in a home not far from the hospital for approx. the first year.Posted June 3, 2016 Trying to locate my adopted son his given name at birth was Kenneth Samuel Catling.

Posted July 1, 2014 Looking for my daughter born oct 1973 Cherly Anne Elliott.She would have then been born as Shirley May Lilly.Her twin sister is looking for her, she lives in Ottawa, Ontario.Posted Sept 26, 2013 My birth name was Victoria Louise Free, I was born on Sept 23 1959.

Born around 1940 at some point she lived on Dundas in east York.I know only that they were born, and I know that at the time of my Uncle Walter James Adams death on Dec. 6, 1966 of Acute pancreatitis, at Mt.He was born in Northern Ontario around 1952 has son Kevin C that may not go by the name Brown.She was born Jan 23 1955 given the name Bonnie Lee Dorman adopted by Ernie and Doris Dorman of Smith Falls.Posted Sept 2, 2012 Trying to find my ancestors, I have the names but cannot locate their birth, marriage or death records on any of the genealogy sites.Please if you have any info about Victoria, I would love to talk to her.If anyone has any info on any boy born in that area around that time that was given up for adoption it could be helpful.Just had a baby and want to know about my birth family, as I have been searching since i was 18.

He was a trucker that often ran down east and he advised me to take Hwy. 11 across Ontario rather than Hwy17.Posted Aug 29, 2013 Looking for my biological fathers family my fathers name is Mark Gregory Caughey and his mothers name was Marilyn Cowan and he also had a sister named Karen Shaw.He died age 33 years if anybody has info I would Be so pleased.See photos and contact The Manor for a tour.He may have had a sister Blanche who passed aeay as an infant.Get information, directions, products, services, phone numbers, and reviews on Penny Trader in Cornwall, ON.Posted Nov 3, 2016 My name is Sandy McKenzie, from Forfar, Angus, Scotland.My father never knew him as my Grandmother died in childbirth and he was raised by his Grandmother.Oh he also had a brother Jim St Martin who worked at or owned the Breslau hockey stick factory.

You went back home to your reserve, where you later had 6 or 7 more children.Her birth name was Patricia Leigh Oliver, born Mar 15, 1967, in London Ont.Joseph with his son Vladimir came to Ukraine 20 years ago together.Posted Mar 13, 2014 Looking for my birth father or his family Kenneth Wayne Young who had a child with Loraine Muurinen nee Morency in East Toronto.We would love to find his final resting place and would love if anyone had any idea of which cemetery the hospital used to bury babies around that time.Posted June 15, 2017 Trying to find my 1st Cousin Donna Lynn Sloan.For the other provinces go to the following boards listed below, Atlantic Provinces, Quebec, and Western Canada.

Robert William Miller (Smith could be adopted name) and Gary Christopher Miller (Smith).The purpose of this Query Board is for posting queries relating to the Province of Ontario only.I am now 60 years old, and I need anything I can get about my medical information.If anybody could shed some light on where he or his family might be that would be appreciated.Posted Feb 16, 2014 My name is Gilles, I was born Aug 23rd, 1963 at the General Hospital of Hawkesbury, Ont.Posted July 9, 2012 SMITH I am searching for my friend who was adopted.Charles Lloyd Slingerland had a brother namerd Bert Slingerland.I am looking for my birth mother, she emigrated with her husband Albert Alfred Herriott in 1957 heading to Quebec Canada on the Neptunia port Southampton UK.

She has no clue where her daughter was buried and has made several calls all over to this day and still no one can tell her where.He was stillborn In scarborough general hospital ontario on the 28th of aug 1967.Was burned down and all the documents about his adoption were gone.Posted June 15, 2017 Looking for my nephew born Sean Crawford Nov 11 - 12 1972 to Barry Crawford and Donna Crawford (nee Stockill or Stockell).My father was not married to their mother and I believe the split was amicable.They moved to Toronto at some point and they had 2 children 1 boy and 1 girl.Posted Nov 25, 2015 Searching for my brother born Feb 12 1949 in Ontario (I think in a home for unwed mothers in Hamilton ont.Posted Mar 1, 2016 Looking for my half brother born to Marion last name unknown.

I have reason to believe the Adoptive name was Curtis (not sure if that is a first or last name).My grandfather George Sr passed away in Hamilton Ontario and most of them came from there and the surrounding area.We need to find this daughter or any other of her offspring in regard to a family matter.

She is possibly a nurse from Hamilton Ontario and she gave birth at the galt hospital which is now south Waterloo hospital.Posted Aug 1, 2017 Looking for Jeff Sanders who was the son of Leo and Pauline Sanders.The other siblings that these 4 adopted out boys have are Arlene, Sharon, Ron, my dad George, and Sherry.Posted Jan 3, 2016 Looking for my brother David Raymond Smith born Feb 4 1964.Kemptville is a community located in the Municipality of North Grenville in Southern (Eastern) Ontario, Canada in the northernmost part of the United Counties of.