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However, while Pololen is running it is automatically trying to lend all funds in your account.Once this is done the application will be synced to the market.

Blendingbot automates and manages your Poloniex margin lending.Poloniex is a multi-cryptocurrency exchange, and the most popular of its kind.Recently, as a bit of a personal curiosity project, I have been writing an incredibly simple bot to use on Poloniex (a cryptocurrency exchange).API Requirements The user will need to create an API Key for Pololen on the Poloniex website.Thoughts on peer-to-peer margin lending by Poloniexlendingbot.com.

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I plan on doing this when the poloniex lending bot gets discontinued.Pololen records all loans closed on CSV files saved by month.Use this link to get a better understanding of margin trading and forced liquidation.

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Copy the following files from your old folder to the newly downloaded one: WalletLocal.dat Points.dat (overwriting the file that came with the download) Then copy the entire Records folder from your current folder into the newly downloaded folder.Pololen also allows the user to maximize earnings by extending the duration of loans based on how many deviations they are from the mean.To figure out what you will make just multiply the interest rate with the amount of coins you lend out.

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Your grace period will end soon - This means that your credits are below 0 but higher than -0.001. Pololen will continue to lend your bitcoin until your credits get below -0.001.With a grand redesign in early 2015 the site has added a wealth of features to provide a.

Margin lending is one way of earning an interest on the cryptocurrency.If you do not have a full copy of current market rates please go to the API tab and click save.

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One of the most reliable tools in my cryptocurrency investing toolbox is lending on the Poloniex exchange.

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Once credits are delivered they are locked to a single API 06-30-2017 - Fixed bug in which saving API caused the app to always download points, even if cancel was clicked.

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Use the search bar in order to find different questions and answers or ask a new question.The more the amount of bitcoin is traded at poloniex, the lower fees the traders have.Withdrawals are once again live on Poloniex after it lost 12.3% of its bitcoins to hackers.Poloniex is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange that promises to offer maximum security and advanced trading features. and margin lending services.Pololen is a full featured, lightweight application for lending Bitcoin (only) on the Poloniex exchange, requiring no installer and capable of running off a USB drive if portability is required.Also, please only run one copy of Pololen on a given account and turn off any other BTC lending bots you may have.Earning passive income with cryptos is tempting and this temptation can be satisfied at a price.

First Time Setup (See FAQ if upgrading from an existing version) After downloading the zip archive and verifying the MD5 open it and drag the Pololen folder wherever you would like on your computer.Pololen will let you earn up to 0.02 BTC in interest before it asks for payment.

Once you apply credits to the bot the bot will be locked to your API.If you want to keep some funds available for manual offering you should use the bank function to set a minimum balance to be maintained in your account.Pololen collects and analyzes the last two weeks of market rates, determining mean and average deviation.As you all know, Poloniex is an American based exchange platform where you can exchange your Bitcoin for other types of Crypto-currencies at market value.Once a couple of weeks have gone by it will be tuned to the market.This is typically a transient error and Pololen will lend your funds on the next cycle.The rate in which the recommended rate will drop is now user adjustable from super slow (less loans, higher rates) to so fast it matches the market (more loans, lower rates.) Variable Duration.The secondary purpose is to not drop a bunch of loans at low rates that drive the market down further.